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New British Prime Minister Truce wins support with tough image

Elizabeth Piper and Andrew McAskill

LONDON (Reuters) – If it wasn’t for her to stand on a tank to Conservative leader Margaret Thatcher That’s when she vented her anger at the cheese imported into the UK, making Liz Truss a household name.

To many, she is an interesting character. But for those ruling Conservatives who had to choose Boris Johnson’s successor, it was her transformation into an ardent Brexit supporter and her proposed tax cuts that made her Britain’s next prime minister.

It also helps that she is not former finance minister Rishi Sunak, whom some in the party accuse of sparking a rebellion against Johnson.

Instead, Truss was staunchly loyal to her former boss, who she called “my friend” in her acceptance speech announcing her victory over Sunak on Tuesday.

“Boris, you got Brexit done, you smashed (former opposition Labour leader) Jeremy Corbyn, you launched (COVID- ) vaccine, you stood up until Vladimir Putin,” she told Conservative MPs and activists applauding.

“We’ll deliver, we’ll deliver, we’ll deliver.”

But she’ll have to quickly put her stamp on the party, not just grappling with life A cost crisis and rising energy bills also have to reunite a party at war with itself.

Some lawmakers said the 2010 percent of votes she claimed in membership votes were closer than expected, sparking concerns that she could No gains from lawmakers’ concerns

She will be fourth in the Conservative Party when Queen Elizabeth receives her in Scotland on Tuesday and asks her to form a government. Lawmakers backed by 2015.

say Truss can govern from day one and plans to provide struggling households with energy bills Support, and revive the economy by cutting 30 billion pounds ($ despite warnings of potentially fueling inflation .$5 billion) in taxes.

Her tough stance on Russia, China and Brussels on Brexit has also won support from the right-leaning ruling party, especially when she questions whether French President Emmanuel Macron is Britain’s friend or foe .


Truss’s rise to the top of the Conservative Party is anything but straightforward.

Her parents were left-wing, her mother was a nurse and teacher and her father was a maths lecturer who took over her opposition to then Conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher The demonstrations are now her political icon.

She criticized the monarchy when she was a member of the centrist Liberal Democrats at Oxford University and described her turn to conservatism as a “rebellion” driven by the belief that people “should take merit”.

She was a management consultant and entered Parliament at 34.

Her early ministerial career was almost Defined by a bizarre 2014 speech at a Conservative Party conference.

Said that Britain imports two-thirds of its cheese, and then she angrily Declare: “That is. Yes. A. shame. The dramatic pause drew a round of applause, and the video has become a popular GIF and meme in Westminster and beyond.

Since entering the Foreign Office in September last year, Truss has Chan is posting pictures of her efforts – from standing in a fur hat on Moscow’s Red Square to standing on top of tanks in Estonia.

She casts herself as Russian President Vladimir Putin Sharp critics, but some worry that her hardline stance on the Russian war could escalate tensions to dangerous levels.

With Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov before Moscow invaded Ukraine During the meeting, Truss embarrassed her when she denied Russia sovereignty over two regions in southern Russia, Rostov and Voronezh, Kommersant reported.

A British source said, Truss misheard it during the meeting, calling it “typical Russian propaganda.”

Truss also warned China to learn from Western responses to Russia’s ssia invasion of Ukraine, and Says Beijing will face consequences if it doesn’t “play by the rules”. Regarding Macron.

But so far, most of her performance has been crafted for a particular constituency of the Conservative Party, with some support While she will be tough, she will also be measured Tuesday when she is in power.


Her attraction, even her most Reluctant supporters also say she is dynamic and a workaholic who straddles policy details. Others believe she can hold her ground after Johnson’s three turbulent and scandal-ridden years in power.

In addition to cutting taxes by borrowing more, Truss said she would take immediate action in the first week to tackle rising energy bills and increase energy supplies.

But Probably the most influential is her stance on Brexit.

Despite vote to stay in EU in 2016 referendum, Truss trades in Northern Ireland Taking a hard line on the issue has both delighted and dismayed Eurosceptics. Brussels says it violates international law.

One of her biggest weaknesses is a Conservative MP who describes her as not” Most effective communicator”, Ed thinks she’s “a little dumb” Costelloe, chair of the conservative grassroots group.

During the debate, she admitted she may not be ” Most sly speaker” but “When I say I will do something, I do”.

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