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New hotel Madame Rêve feels like Paris' best-kept secret

Paris may be home to many of the greatest and most legendary in the world hotel, but Madame Rêve, which opened earlier this year, stands out from the competition — not just for its elegance, but also for its discreetness.

The entrance to this home is noticeably lacking in conceit, barely marked and easy to miss. Guests have to flock into a very small (but very chic) ​​lobby. On the majestic ground floor of Paris’ most famous five-star hotel – replete with flower arrangements, fine furniture and respectful professionals – at Madame Rêve, patrons can enter and exit with ease.

The property is the result of George-Eugène Hausmann’s transformation of Paris under Napoleon III. Built-in 350, the stately building – in Are there any others in ?? – as the first and only one in the city



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