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New (ISC)² Online Careers Program Goes Live

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(ISC)² Opens two new global networking career programs to applicants in attempt to help organizations fill 2.7 million jobs Vacancies Worldwide

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  • Alex Scroxton,
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    01 Sep 2022 10:51

  • Professional Cybersecurity Institute and Certification Body (ISC)² has officially launched two cyber career programs, candidates and cybersecurity certifications as it seeks to expand access to the industry and fill close to 3 million security professionals worldwide shortage.

    Its new (ISC)² candidate program, designed for individuals already seeking or considering a career in the security field, will offer exclusive programs and services, discounts on (ISC)² certification courses , self-study materials and meetings, paid of US$50 (£43) per year, waived until September 2023 for the duration of the applicant’s efforts to obtain (ISC)² accreditation.

    (ISC)² said existing security professionals have been found to say they face multiple barriers to entry, including high expectations of recruiters’ prior training and work experience, Barriers to inclusion. It hopes the candidate program will address both issues by reducing costs and making security skills more accessible.

    Chief Executive Officer Clar Rosso said: “Part of our commitment to addressing the global cybersecurity workforce shortage is to create new pathways for success in cybersecurity.

    “Whether you are pursuing your first cybersecurity job or looking to advance within the industry, as a (ISC)² candidate you have access to the resources, benefits and expertise you need to achieve your goals develop.

    “(ISC)² – supported by more than 170,000 members – will be your guide, partner and advocate as you achieve career milestones such as joining a local chapter, Find a mentor at a conference or get your first (ISC)² certification. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way.”

    Meanwhile, its entry-level cybersecurity Certification Certification is officially launching as the organization strives to open up new paths into networking careers for people who may not have considered working in the industry before.

    The new certifications make up the organization’s 1 million network Core elements of the safety certification program, which was announced at the end of July and builds on a successful pilot program. The UK has received more than 10,000 registrations in just two months.

    (ISC)² indicates that 1,500 pilot participants have taken the initial exam and are well on their way to achieving full certification. Achieving full certification is expected to demonstrate to potential employers that an applicant has the basic knowledge, skills, and competencies for entry-level or entry-level security positions.

    “We are facing a growing global cybersecurity workforce gap of more than 2.7 million people,” Rosso said.

    “One of the most persistent cybersecurity staffing challenges that organizations around the world experience is being able to identify on-the-job and junior candidates with the right skills and competencies to learn and grow on the job. People.

    “At the same time, early career hopefuls are unable to demonstrate their understanding of cybersecurity concepts and gain the attention of hiring managers. “

    Rosso added: “Our Cybersecurity Certification accreditation bridges this gap and connects employers with qualified entry-level candidates supported by the world’s largest association of certified cybersecurity professionals Connect.

    “(ISC)² Cybersecurity Certification is one of several impactful solutions (ISC)² is implementing to reduce the cybersecurity workforce gap, eliminate barriers to entry into the field and provides positive long-term opportunities for both individuals and employers.”

    This certification (also available as a (ISC)² member) is for anyone looking to enter the field Open to current IT professionals whether they are recent college grads, looking to change careers, or looking to add others

    It assesses and certifies as cybersecurity The five core disciplines are:

    • Security principles.
    • Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Incident Response.
    • Access control.
  • cyber security.
  • Safe operation.
  • Alex Scroxton

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