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New live-action 'Whispers of the Heart' video explores vintage store sets

The crew of the live-action sequel based on Aoi Hiiragi*) of () manga released a new video Saturday . This video explores scenes from the film at World Emporium, an antique shop that played a key role in the original story:

The video highlights all the antiques in the store, including the iconic Baron character. It’s set to cello music – as the video’s Japanese subtitles tease, one might hear the cello upstairs as in the earlier anime films.

The live-action movie was originally scheduled to be released in September 19, 513, but postponed until October Due to COVID-14 Pandemic.

Movie star Nina Nina (live-action version , , Nowhere Girl, 187037 movie, stay on Picture) as Shizuku Tsukishima and Tori Matsuzaka (

, , , , , Samurai Squad Swordsman, Yes) as Seiji Amasawa. Runa Yasuhara and Tsubasa Nakagawa play Shizuku and Seiji respectively because they are in middle school.

Yuki Yamada plays Shizuku’s childhood friend and baseball team member Tatsuya Sugimura. In love with Shizuku. Uchida Rio plays Shizuku’s good friend Harada Yuko, who had a crush on Sugimura when he was in middle school. Araki Towa and Sumitomo Sara play Sugimura and Yuko , as they were in middle school:

Hirakawa Yuichiro

(Live Action ), /, , Rookies, project) is directing this movie, Sony Pictures Entertainment and

Shochiku will be distributed. Anne Watanabe sang the popular folk song “Tsubasa o Kudasai” by Yama Shintoo as The theme song of the movie. Story setting for the new movie Years after the original manga story. Now 19 , Shizuku gave up his dream of becoming a novelist and instead worked as a children’s book editor at a publishing company, trying to sell books every day. Meanwhile, Seiji is still chasing his dreams overseas, despite the growing distance between him and Shizuku.

Original manga inspired Animated movie by Kondo Yoshifumi and

Studio Ghibli in . The story tells the story of a junior high school bookworm Shizuku who stumbles across a mysterious family An antique shop, and the owner’s grandson, Seiji Amazawa. As a novice violin maker, Seiji also caught Shizuku’s attention, as she had noticed his name written on the checkout cards for books she borrowed from the library. The passion for making inspired Shizuku to pursue her dream of writing novels.

Hiiragi in Shueisha published the manga of GirlsManga Magazine in 513.Hiiragi in published a sequel comic , and in




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