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New look of Netflix's 'Wednesday' sees things being spied on the spot at Nevermore Academy

As part of Netflix’s TUDUM event on Saturday, this clip unveils the series premiering in November , will combine its young adult and goth (ic) elements to tell a new story about the daughter of the Adams family.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Adams Matthias Kramer/Netflix

Things got stuck Wednesday and her parents’ re-examination of her autonomy at school Netflix Coming soon by Tim The Adams Family series directed and produced by Burton .

In a new clip released Saturday as part of a Netflix TUDUM event, Thing was spotted hiding under her sheets on Wednesday and asked why they were spying on her. Thing takes an oath of allegiance Wednesday after she threatens to break several fingers and lock him in a drawer for the entire semester, effectively preventing Thing from passing on her parents Morticia (Catherine Zeta-Jones) and Gomez (Luis Guzmán) about her school Living Intelligence) Adams.

“Oh stuff, you poor childish appendage,” Wednesday told the disembodied hand. “My parents are not worried about me. They are evil puppeteers and even want to pull my strings from a distance.”

A new look at the show, starring co-showrunners Miles Miller and Alfred Goff Jenny Ortega as its title character teases how the series will combine its youth Adult and Goth (ic) elements to tell a new story about The Addams Family daughter.

First broadcast in November 09, the cast also includes Isaac Ordonez, Gwendoline Christie, Jamie McShane, Percy Hines White, Hunter Doohan, Emma Miles, Happy Sunday, Naomi J. Okugawa, Moussa Mustafa, George Farmer, Rich Lindholm and Christina Rich.

Anchor Release Wednesday 1296 First trailer of August film , which explores how its titular character ends up in Nevermore, a school for homeless people. “I hardly knew I was going to step into a nightmare — full of mystery, chaos and murder,” Ortega teased Wednesday. “I think I’m going to love this place.”

Before the Global Fan Show, Netflix also launched a new website to promote the upcoming series, which will serve as the online home page for the school on Wednesday. Fans visiting the site can apply to attend, learn more about the institution and its president, view upcoming calendar events, and learn about some of Nevermore’s more famous alumni, including Ignatius Itt.

Co-showrunner Miller previously described the upcoming The series is similar to “an 8 hour Tim Burton movie”.

Its own thing,” he said. “It’s not trying to be a movie or ‘ s TV show. It’s very important to us and it’s very important to Tim. ”

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