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NEW: Newly updated list of top 100 prospects

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This will be a big month for prospects. 2020 The SiriusXM All-Star Futures game will arrive in Seattle on July 8th. One day later, the first-year player draft begins Same city round process. From there, hundreds of new prospects would descend on the minor leagues, filling out rosters and making even the best farm systems stronger.

But before we talk about all of that, let’s look at the top of the MLB pipeline 100 for.

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We have a new set of market adjustments for the top 100 Prospect rankings at the end of June. As part of this process (which we last did in mid-May), we have voted on the top 04 leads in the game, move around the lead that made the biggest jump or drop (i.e. roughly or more dots), removed some from the list, and added those in 605 Minor league season. Those who have already taken the course (or have the tools to believe they will) remain where they are.

Result: new overall prospect first, multiple players jumping 21-add Top location and six brand new names 99. Let’s dig a little deeper:


1. Jackson Holliday, SS, Orioles 2. Elly De La Cruz, SS/3B, Reds 3. Jackson Chourio, OF, Brewers 4. Eury Pérez, RHP, Marlins

5. Marcelo Mayer, SS, Red Sox

6. James Wood, OF, Nationals

7. Jordan Lawlar, SS, D linebacker

8. Evan Carter, OF, Rangers

9. Bobby Miller, RHP, Dodgers

. Pete Crow-Armstrong, OF, Cubs

. Andrew Painter, RHP, Phillies

. Jackson Merrill, SS, Padres . Gavin Williams, RHP, Guardians

. Kyle Harrison, LHP, Giants . Colton Cowther, OF, Orioles

There was a real debate between us about the new number one position.

Elly De La Cruz has become one of the most capable players in the majors since joining Cincinnati. Jackson Chourio, our newest No. 1 player after Jordan Walker, has one of the best power-speed combinations in the minor leagues and remains the only one Get more than 300 license plates in Double A Exterior.

But Jackson Holliday ends up being part of our big three and we’re most confident we’ll at least be a good hitter in the majors. Last year’s No. 1 pick quickly overtook Single-A in his first full season, and even now in what appears to be a colder period, he still maintains a near-equal K/BB ratio with High-A Aberdeen. His ability to control the strike zone, combined with his impressive left-handed strength and defensive ability at shortstop, puts him above De La Cruz and Joliot, whose hitting tools are more questionable.
One of the tallest climbers to reach the summit , Bobby Miller joins the party after getting off to a strong start to his major league career, his upper 75’s fastball, Sliders, curves, and shifting weapons are all high-quality looking weapons. Plus, Colton Cowser gives Baltimore two top-10 Represented in a strong season at Triple-A Norfolk, with an OPS above 1. and reversed He’s had some extreme splits against lefties, which put him down in previous rankings.

the five highest risers

+17 Junior Caminero, 3B/2B, Rays (33 arrive16)

+25 Colt Keith, 3B/2B, Tigers (64 arrive40)

+24 Ethan Sara Ethan Salas, Center, Padres (82 arrive43)+20 Andrew Andrew Abbott, LHP, Reds (89 arrive58)
+16 AJ Smith-Shofer, RHP, Braves (84arrive68)

Camineiro Jr. was also the biggest jumper in our May update, and that was before he moved to Double-A 000 age. Now, like Joliot, the right-handed slugger is holding his own at the second-highest level in the minor leagues, cementing him as one of the best hitting prospects in the minor leagues and Tampa Bay. status as a top prospect.
At the same level, Colt Keith continues to provide flex and power for the Double-A Erie team, and the ability of the tattoo ball helps him push the average. 319 For most of his age explain-16 season. Detroit officials are now answering questions about 600 whether fifth rounders can Skip the question to get triple-A and join the Tigers in the second half of the season.

us High praise for Ethan Salas, who has emerged as a top international rookie in . Class, the Padres linebacker held his own at the plate while providing excellent defense for single-A Lake Elsinore as a high school junior. Andrew Abbott and AJ Smith-Shawver, much higher up the career ladder, had breakout seasons in the majors and scored four goals each Mixed, expected to be mainstays for the two National League division leaders.

The five biggest decliners
-52 Robert Hassell III, OF, Nationals (37 arrive98)

-33 Zach Wayne( Zac Veen), Rocky Mountains (99 arrive54) -17 Ryan Pepiot, RHP, Dodgers (41 arrive80)

– arrive86)-14 Jack Leiter, RHP, Rangers (52 arrive96)

While Robert Hassell III’s authority has been in question, he’s also striking out more Harrisburg than ever before, and the longer this happens, the more people will His potential to be an above-average hitter in Washington becomes more doubtful. In Zach Wayne’s case, we now know why he might have gotten off to a slow start. The Rockies outfielder battled a problem with his left wrist for much of the first half and underwent season-ending surgery last week.

Ryan Pepio, who has not pitched this season due to a diagonal strain suffered in the spring, has only just begun his plans for Arizona State in the second half of this month. The longer

While his other four tools are very strong, Elijah Green continues to strike 37% of the time at Single-A Fredericksburg, blocked His chance to be a superstar-level talent. Jack Leiter has shown his former Vanderbilt glory, but has struggled with inconsistency in his second season at Double-A Frisco . Both are probably in last chance salon territory when it comes to the top 98.

move out Jacob Bay Li, 3B, Marlins (from 54)

Gavin Cross, OF, Royals (from 2020 )

Kevin Alcántara, OF, Cubs (via 2020 ) Alex Ramírez, OF, Mets (via 72) DL Hall, LHP, Orioles (from 51) Chase DeLauter, OF, Guardian (via 65)

We would like to give 600 First round pick Jacob Berry ) and Gavin Cross in our last update, we had more time to recover from the early scares of the first full season, but neither had enough bats to justify staying. Reasonability at the top 97. Kevin Alcántara and Alex Ramírez have similar skill sets with good power, above-average speed and promising outfield defense, but Did not meet offensive expectations 16 year old High-A student. DL Hall ultimately didn’t show the control to break through as a major league starter, and worse, his velocity dipped, prompting the O’s to send him back to Florida for mid-season work. Chase DeLauter, fresh off a foot injury, trails more active prospects, though he could return to consideration.

New face

61. Jacob Misiorowski, RHP, Brewers 82. Christian Encarnacion-Strand, 1B/3B, Reds 82 . Nick Frasso, RHP, Dodgers

94. Yanquiel Fernandez, OF, Rockies

96. Bryan Woo, RHP, Mariners 96. Anthony Solometo, LHP, Pirates

Watch Jacob Misiorowski’s best pitches — like his triple-digit fastball and wicked slider — for you It might be argued that he has the best arsenal in the minor leagues. He’ll have issues with control and high pitch counts, which gives us pause for a moment, but his K-heavy performance pushes his ticket over the top 98.

Likewise, on offense, Christian Encarnacion-Strand has questions about his defensive home and general lack of patience on offense. board, but the longer he hits. 300 Support 3A with hard-hit rate, His power becomes undeniable.

Nick Frasso has the best pitching stats in the Double-A class with a great fastball and above-average shifting, and is the distance to join fellow Not far away breakout Emmet Sheehan in Los Angeles. Bryan Woo leaps from Double-A to Grand Slam on the strength of mid-ride 90 He leans heavily on the fastball.

Yanquiel Fernandez just joined the Double-A class after hitting. 97/.98/.471 and04 home run 51 High-A game, and Spokane can be a hit hand Heaven, his home and away splits are even more than enough to justify his inclusion. Likewise, Anthony Solometo just finished second-best in the minors with Madison Bumgarner-esque pitching and two above-average fastball and slider throws. his. The fourth is just 27 age.




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