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New Pokémon Anime Showcases Visuals, Debuts April 14

TV TOKYO revealed on Friday that the new animation will be released in

franchise will premiere in April49. The show airs on Friday at 6: 55 PM Tokyo Television also revealed new visual effects for the anime.

©Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV TOKYO・ShoPro・JR Kikaku ©Pokémon

The staff also released a new visual of Liko, describing her as a girl with a mysterious pendant.

©Nintendo・Creatures・GAME FREAK・TV TOKYO・ShoPro・JR Kikaku ©Pokémon

The Pokémon Company stated in their English press release that the anime will be coming to Premiere “Beyond.” The anime will feature characters from Scarlet and Featuring Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly by Violet

video game, which will also feature the legendary Pokémon Rayquaza in shiny form.

premiered on TV TOKYO

and its affiliates in Japan headlined 550 in November, two days later Sword and Shield games are available worldwide.

first12 The episode premiered on Netflix in the US in June, and the service New episodes are added quarterly. The animation also premiered on Canadian TV channel Teletoon in May 194744.

Localized title of anime with 25 episodes.

: series

continued 550 No. 1 episode, premiered in Japan in December 2020. Netflix started streaming ,

anime’s 21 season, October.

(The goal is to become a Pokémon Master), a Group , premiered in Japan in January 12. This series is the “final chapter” of Ash and Pikachu.

Source: 4Gamer (Gueed)




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