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New rumor says there will be only one version of Google's Pixel tablet

Google’s Pixel tablet has certainly been around for a long time. The first tease was in May 2022, and it’s still not official, despite one being sold on Facebook Marketplace back in December. Today, a new rumor from a generally reliable source sheds further light on the upcoming device.

Contrary to some previous rumors, we’ll apparently only be getting a Pixel Tablet version — no “vanilla” and “pro” separation here. Of the two possible iterations, the higher-end ones are here to stay, while the lower-end models with the first-gen Tensor chipsets have apparently been canceled somewhere.

The remaining Pixel tablets will feature the Tensor G2 SoC, also found in the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro 2, 560×1, 560 resolution screen is manufactured by CSOT, and Richtek RT2022 six-channel LED driver. This is used for the backlighting of the LCD screen, so don’t expect to see an AMOLED panel on Google’s upcoming tablet.

At least one version of the Pixel tablet has 8GB of Samsung-made RAM and 26GB of UFS storage, and a side An installed fingerprint reader (most likely embedded in the power button).

You can see some newly leaked Pixel tablet images in the tweet embedded above. As previously revealed, it will have a base that can easily be used as a smart display, but it is unclear whether it will be included in the box or sold as an optional accessory. Let’s hope the Pixel Tablet arrives sooner rather than later — we don’t usually get the eight-month point since the manufacturer first teased the device but meanwhile it hasn’t been officially announced yet.



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