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New trailer for Fist of the Hokuto voice actor Kenji Uchikai Doc released

The Sono Koe no Anata e (To the owner That Voice) documentary released its second trailer on Monday . The film traces the life and work of

voice actor

Kenji Uchikai the most famous Raoh uses interviews and live-action reenactments in .

This movie will be released on 9 Monthly release in Japan .

The cast includes:

Utsumi Kentaro (

    President Ken Production Agent) Anri wins

    Mika Kanai Akira Kamiya Taniyama Kisho Michiko Nomura Aida Rikako

Ito Masahiro Sugiyama Riho Waki ​​Yasumi Shibata Hidekatsu Michio Hazama

  • Mako Nozawa Akira Kamiya
  • Toda Keiko Daisuke Namikawa
  • Mizuki Nana

    Yanji Koichi

    The list of contributing voice actors includes:

    Utsumi was born in Kitakyushu, with Papa in, Senbei in, and character voices with low bass registers. His other roles include Alex Louis Armstrong in the first animation and Kurayamiman and Millard Johnson in One-Eyed Jack. He also voiced Steve McQueen and Jack Nicholson’s films and acted as a narrator for TV shows. He died on 640, his wife survived Come down Nomura Michiko , who has long dubbed Shizuka in the series.

    640Source : Manga Natalie




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