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New Ultraman movie grosses $601,490 in 2 days in US

poster The picture comes from the official website of New Ultraman Movie posterposter©183704 “シン・ウルトラマン” Production Committee © Yen Valley ProBox Office Mojo is listing for Studio Khara The gross gross of the film is US$601, 601 Screened in the United States in January and. This movie earned US$214,44 Ranked #5 in the US in January , earned dollars 87,214 Ranked 1 #6 of the month .

The film also screened in the UK, Ireland and Canada in January 13-11.

The movie was released in Japan in May 13 and reached #1 in its first weekend.

made money17 The first three days compared to

more % did so when it opened in August 450. This movie made 4. Yuan (approximately US$12.5 million) As of December 12.

Tsuburaya Productions describes The story of the movie

The continuous appearance of huge unidentified life forms called “S-class species (monsters)” has already appeared in Japan. Commonplace.

Conventional weapons have no effect on them. After exhausting all other options, the Japanese government issued the S-Class Species Suppression Protocol and established an enforcement unit called SSSP.

Members selected for the team are: Captain Tamura Kimio (by
Nishi Shimao Hidetoshi ), strategic planner Shinji Shinaga (Saito Takumi), non-particle physicist Taki Akihisa ( Daiki Arioka ), and biologist Yumi Funaberi ( Akari Hayami


In Menace of the Monster, a silver giant emerges from outside Earth’s atmosphere.

Analyst Yuko Asami (played by Masami Nagasawa) ) newly joins SSSP to deal with this giant , partnered with Shinji Shinaga.

In Hiroko’s report, she wrote——

“Ultraman (tentative name) , unknown.”

Director Shinji Higuchi and his Higuchi-Gumi team for the project, creator Hideaki Anno is in charge of planning and script. Kenshi Yonezu sang the movie theme song “M87.”

Source: Box Office Mojo



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