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New Urusei Yatura animation unveils new visuals, premieres October 13

Rumiko Takahashi ‘s new TV anime official website The manga released the second main image and October The premiere date is Thursday.

The animation will run for half a year, or two years course (quarterly), no breaks. The entire run of the anime will be adapted from the manga and selected stories from the last four stories cours

  • , or an entire year, although not consecutively. The animation will be broadcast in
  • Noitamina
  • program area

    Fuji TV station
    and other channels are marked 13 Manga publisher

  • Shogakukan
  • .

    The cast includes:

  • Uchida Maaya as Shinobu Miyake
  • Mamoru Miyano as Shūtarō Mendō

    Wataru Takagi as Cherry

  • Sawajo Miyuki as Sakura

  • Hanazawa Coriander as Ran
  • Katsuki Konishi as Rei Hayami Saori as Oyuki

  • Shizuka Ishigami as Benten
  • Hiroshi Kamiya as Ataru Moroboshi
  • Kamei Takahiro (About, ) is the drama director of the s-series director. Yokiyama Ya (, , 1990’s ) is composing. The other staff are:

    Sub-character design: Kazuhiro Takamura , Kanao

  • Mechanical Design: JNTHED,
  • Yoshihiro Sono

  • Prop Design: Ryō Hirata
  • ) Art Design: Kaoru Aoki
  • Art Director: Nomura Masanobu
  • Colorist: Nakamura Ayaka

  • CG Director: Oshima Kanji
  • Photographic Compositing Director:Yuichiro Nagata
  • edit: Kiyoshi Hirose
  • Voice Direct or: Iwamami Kazuo
      Viz Media began publishing the manga in a 2-in-1 comprehensive version in the spring 1981 with new translations. Viz describes the series:
      REVIEW The acclaimed romantic comedy about the unfortunate human being meets the boys of the beautiful space alien princess in this large-scale version with a brand new translation and a new cover design. In the series, Ataru Moroboshi’s supernatural encounters with the female type all begin with his choice to play tag with an alien princess named Lum, who has invaded Earth aboard a UFO. Ataru has ten days to touch Lum’s horns or aliens will take over Earth! As it turns out, the tag game is just the beginning of Xiaoya’s troubles, as he continues to attract strange encounters with otherworldly creatures like the beautiful snow elf Daxue and the sexy raven fairy Kurama!

      The manga series ran into

    • Shogakukan magazine from 1978to1987. Viz Media previously released part of the English series titled Lum and in s.
    • The manga inspired a TV anime series from 1981 to1986, various anime movies and original video anime(OVA) series.

    • AnimEigo released most of the previous animations in home video, except the movie Central Park Media released. Discotek Media has been redistributing the film after the licenses of these companies expired.

      187662 Source: Anime Website, Mocha News




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