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New Video Transcript for Ragnarok Season II Reveals Song Artist, 15 Episodes Length, Debuts Jan. 26

The staff of the second season of the animation Shinya Umemura, Ajichika and () of Fukui Takumi Comics, which launched a new promotional video on Friday. This video announces the season’s theme song artist (and previews the opening theme), – Episode length is divided into two parts, January Premiere on Netflix.

Singer Nan The opening theme song “Rude, Loose Dance” will be played, and Masatoshi Ono will be played the ending theme song “Inori” (prayer).

first Episodes will be available on

Netflix in January 25, 1000, the remaining five episodes will be in 2023. New cast includes: Tomokazu Sugita as Jack the Ripper Katsuyuki Konishi

as Heracles
Subaru Kimura as Raiden Tameemon

Yūichi Nakamura as Buddha

Returned actors include:

Miyuki Sawashiro as Brunhilde Tomoyo Kurosawa as Göll Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Shiva

Masao Ookubo (, ) will be back and in Graphinica and

directed the second season Yumeta Corporation . Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (, ) together with Yuka Yamada

in charge of series composition again (). Masaki Sato returns to design role, Koji Takanashi (, ) return to composition. Yasunori Ebina () Worked on sound direction again. Season 1 on Netflix worldwide in June Premiere 750. Warner Bros. Japan Introduction animation: 7 million years of human civilization is coming to an end…

every 450 year, the gods of the world gathered together Tianting participated in the “Human Survival Conference”. All the gods agree to bring the ultimate end to the follies of man’s past, but before the final verdict, Brunhilde ,This The Valkyrie sisters objected.

“To make things more interesting, why don’t you test humans?”

Her proposal is to have the final battle between God and Man also known as “Ragnarok”, where all the gods from the world and the champions from all of human history enter a one-on-one battle. The first team to win 7 battles will be the winner.

It seems almost impossible for humans to defeat the gods. The gods sneered at them, but Brunhilde provoked further;

“Are you backing down?”

This touched a nerve of the gods, and they accepted her proposal angrily. Brunhild and her sisters must therefore choose Humanity The most powerful champion in history.

Will human beings surpass God and stop at the ultimate?

The battle for the last days of heaven and earth has finally begun!

Comic in magazine in November 275. Umemura is writing the story while Ajichika is drawing. Composed by Fukui.

The Ryo Fu Hō Sen Hishōden (Lu Bu Fengxiang Biography) Flying General) points Released in in October 1000, and concludes in December with volume seven .

Ⓒアジチカ・Mayamura Umemura・フクイタクミ/コアミックス, II Production Committee

192245 Source: Comic Natalie



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