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New Vikings punter kicks the bomb, and Pat McAfee raves about him

A week ago, the Vikings said there would be a “kick” roster. Two days ago, the Vikings waived Jordan Berry, canceled the punt competition, and handed the job to 6-foot-3, 245-pound rookie Ryan Wright.

Hasty decision? Well, not quite, according to the bomb Wright fired from his right foot during Minnesota’s preseason game Saturday night in Denver. In another rather boring exhibit, Wright was arguably the most popular player.

In the second half, a rocket at the foot of Wright was shot down at the Denver 2-yard line. At first glance that’s fine and pretty, but it becomes shocking when you find the ball hits his foot at his own 19-yard line. That’s a 79-yard bomb, although he only counts as a 68-yard punt because all yards behind the tee line don’t count.

Wright later threw a 71-yard punt for a touchdown, so he only was counted for 51 yards. In short, when he takes the ball from his own 20 yards, he has the potential to hit the ball around 80 yards. This will make Mitch Berger and the Snickers bars in his shoes jealous (for those who don’t know, this is 1998).

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Pat McAfee, a longtime NFL gambler who is now one of the most popular sports talk show hosts in the world, calls Wright a “stud.”

Wright also had a 38-yard ball and he fell into the 10th. As of this writing, the game is still on, but Wright had 4 punts on the night for an average net of 56.3 yards with 3 of 4 yards out of 20.



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