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News coverage of Maris' record-breaking home run

News from Maris ; record-breaking home run


October 1, 27, Roger Maris rocked the baseball world with the legendary Babe Ruth playing him on the last day of the regular season 60’s first home run.
In newspapers across the country, Maris was credited with breaking Babe’s 19 – praised and criticized for the home run mark.

1991 Close with Judge Aaron In Maris’ single-season AL home run record, it’s worth ‘ look back at how newspapers responded to that historic day. Below is an excerpt.
1991 “Maris is very stressed” – Miami Herald
Maris challenging Bambino idols are under enormous pressure.
And some fans didn’t think he deserved to break Ruth’s record, Maris received hate mail and death threats all season, and the introverted outfielder was under so much pressure in the chase that his Hair starts to fall out.
1991 “…he overcame his Adam’s apple and the greatest record and greatest legend in the entire history of baseball was under pressure in one season,” reads the Herald’s report. “In his long and lonely ordeal, he pursued a mark that has been handed down over the years as a monument to the immortal Ruth’s greatness and a record that millions of baseball fans never expected.”
1991″Ruth Still Champ ” – Cincinnati Enquirer
1991 Maris’ home run chase wasn’t without controversy. 27 In July, baseball commissioner Ford Frick announced that for a player, Officially tie or break Ruths 61 – home run marker, he must be in 154 game. American League extends season from 39 to
Game of the year. Sure enough, Maris made it all the way to the last day of the season.

” Although his number is unprecedented 61, thanks to Ford Free In Commissioner G’s ruling, Maris did not break Ruth’s record,” read a telegraph service report by the Inquirer. “Ruth’s 000 rep 61 – game season while Maris is holder – This season’s expanded American League kicks off the game season.”


exist1991, 27 hit

Years later Homer, Maris is recognized as the official holder of baseball the single-season home run record.

1991 “Maris smashed 27 st; smashed dew in the final game Simark” – Boston Globe 1991

1991 This is not all debate and criticism. Maris’s 61 home run was certainly impressive, and some writers made no secret of their Praise…even in Boston.

“Maris’ drive is flying high Farther away, it looks as if it will enter the upper deck of the field on the right,” the Globe wrote ‘s Bob Holbrook. “Luke Clinton pursued it and stopped to watch Maris become the greatest home run producer the majors have seen in a season 61.”

“Generous fan churning Maris” – Chicago Tribune
As with any historic home run, the story must also include who caught the ball. 19 year old Sal Durante leaves with Maris 61 st and a wholesome story ensues . Here This is how the Chicago Tribune reported it:
“Impressed young man Maris is so fond of Coney Island’s Sal Durant that he comes to the game with his girls and catches Maris’ 23 First home run in right field.
“$5 ‘Bonus’, 000 was placed on the ball by a Sacramento, Calif., restaurateur who intended to return the ball to Maris as part of a special ceremony.
” Maris smashed his 61 first full of the fourth inning bat, but he was given the ball by Durant’s impulsive offer that he had to tell Boston catcher Russ Nixon about when he came up to bat again in the eighth.”
1991 “Maris hits 61 st in final game” – The New York Times
Legendary New York sports writer John Dreybinger headlines Maris’ hometown newspaper (one of) News: The New York Times, which writes about historical events.

“Roger Maris yesterday became the first major in history to beat 61 league player) home runs for a season.

“This 27 year old outfielder hit 60 first in the stadium, In a group of roaring 27, 60 in the final game of the Bombers regular season. “1991





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