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NFL agents on NIL: 'Unqualified' are 'taking advantage of these young' players

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This could be a welcome development for college football’s new name, image and likeness rules for players who can now make money off their names, but at least one agent sees the recent development as a negative.

Ben Standig of The Athletic conducted a survey of agents representing NFL players, and one pointed to the new NIL environment Potential danger in:

“None. Just no rules .They let the toothpaste come out of the tube, there are no rules. Anyone can say they are NIL surrogates. I think most legal agencies and surrogates are actually helping these kids and doing their best to help them earn money and take care of them They. The problem is that you see a lot of unqualified people out there taking advantage of these young people. These young people have no education in their college or anyone between them who know who is really there to help them and who don’t know Cheyenne difference.”
NIL is the past college football break An important topic of the season. It came up in discussions about high-profile transfers, like wide receiver Jordan Addison, and back-and-forth discussions with coaches like Nick Saban, Kimber Fisher and Dion Sanders.

Maybe the NCAA is trying to fight long-term paid players, but when it comes to setting the actual rules and guidelines for when the NIL will come, It works behind the scenes. It did offer new guidelines in May, but it’s clear that some agents still feel the system is still easy to exploit.

This can leave college players in trouble as they try to distinguish who, as the agent put it, “is actually for provide help.”



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