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NFL, Bundesliga announce partnership to expand operations in Germany and U.S.

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The NFL and Bundesliga announced an expanded partnership on Thursday. NFL Germany @NFLDeutschland

#Bundesliga 🤝 #NFL=✍️

Closing the deal: Wir haben eine Partnerschaft unterzeichnet und arbeiten zukünftig noch enger Zusamen! 💪⚽️🏈 @Bundesliga_DE pic.twitter .com/UJBTxhRs2m

The move comes after the NFL’s first regular-season game in Germany. The Seattle Seahawks play the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on November 13.

“Our first regular-season game in Germany this fall also offered a chance to compete with some of the most successful players in the world. Opportunities for sports leagues to collaborate and learn,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said, according to Reuters. “The Bundesliga has long been considered Germany’s leading league and one of the best in the whole of Europe. ” We look forward to working with DFL in what we believe to be mutually beneficial. ” The NFL has been hosting game years in London and Mexico City as part of its International Series. The league announced in February that it will expand the series to Germany for the next four years. The Seahawks and Buccaneers will be The game will be played in November at the Allianz Arena, home of Bayern Munich. The venue will host another game in four years, with two more at the Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt. While the NFL has not yet reached a saturation point in the U.S. market, the league can only do so much to expand its reach at home. The series provides the NFL with a way to expand its foothold abroad The way. The league already has huge bank accounts, and it may also expand the talent pool available to teams. NBA The way forward has been pointed in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Bundesliga has been trying to break into the US market for years.

Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn described America as “a Very interesting football market” Taylor Everett of Sports Business Magazine in July.

“It’s growing, more and more young people are playing football, and we’ve got a partnership with FC Dallas,” he said. “… When I saw the valuations of Major League Soccer clubs, I was very surprised that they were very expensive. I think it’s working and I think the football industry can grow. ” Reuters lists “production, broadcasting and programming, digital innovation and marketing” as areas in which the NFL and Bundesliga will collaborate. Currently , it is unclear what this partnership means in a specific sense.



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