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NFL Fantasy 2022 Start 'Em, Sit 'Em Week 2: Running Back

You have a lineup problem. We have the answer. At least we hope. Start ‘Em & Sit ‘Em has been helping fantasy managers make these tight lineup decisions for years. Do you know what a good decision is? Started by Patrick Mahomes. But it’s so obvious that you won’t see it here. Instead, here are some of the most pressing questions. And, if you can’t find the player you’re looking for, check out the latest NFL Fantasy lineup rankings here.

Los Angeles ChargersDetroit Lions

Edwards-Helaire may have only had 10 touches in Week 1, but he’s done enough where you should definitely consider putting him back in your starting lineup. CEH led the Chiefs, killing about 60 percent of his steals on touch before the game got out of hand. Usage looks a bit skewed as CEH gets cancelled while other RBs complete blowouts in Arizona. Edwards-Helaire runs well and, more importantly, is used in passing games and close to the end zone. This is his first normal preseason as an NFL player, and it shows. CEH looks healthy and could end up being the player we all want him to be when he gets drafted. This week he faces the Chargers, who gave the second-most fantasy points and most rushing yards to a running back last year. Fire up CEH with confidence this week.

Gibson may make myself and many others look stupid after preseason doubting him . In Week 1, Gibson completed 64 percent of his steals and completed 14 passes for 58 yards. But the biggest positive of the opener was that Gibson was caught eight times and caught seven for a team-high 72 yards. It was a career-high goal and tied for his catches. Gibson has the ability to provide RB1 numbers on a weekly basis with continued use. This week he faces the Lions, who had the fifth-most fantasy points in the RBs last year and allowed the Eagles just four rushing touchdowns in Week 1. Put Gibson in your lineup this week.

Henderson not only started but dominated the workload in the first week. He shot an 82 percent snap and saw 18 touches compared to Cam Akers’ three. Henderson turned it into 73 yards and a fantasy score of 12.3, enough to make him the RB2 of the week. Akers would be a takeaway candidate at any point, but for now, Henderson needs to be seen as the front-runner for the Rams. In Week 2, he’ll face a Falcons defense that makes the fourth-most fantasy scoring running back. Alvin Kamara struggled against Atlanta, but the Falcons were still crushed by Taysom Hill. That’s much better than what Henderson saw in Week 1 against Buffalo. This week’s matchup, combined with his use in what should still be a high-intensity offense (one that traditionally features guards), was enough to make Henderson a top-20 RB in Week 2.

Arizona Cardinals

Wilson Elijah Mitchell out with knee injury will be frontrunner. We’ve seen Wilson start and become a useful fantasy asset before the 49ers’ lead misses time. He has seven career games with 16 or more carries and all but one of his fantasy scoring runs in double digits. That gives him a safe floor, and his ceiling is higher because he always has a chance for a touchdown (he scored eight points in those seven games, including three). Additionally, we know the Niners will be looking to build a starting line under Trey Lance. Wilson also faces the Seahawks, who have the most fantasy scoring running backs in 2021. He’s RB2 in Week 2.


Jacobs had 10 offenses in Week 1 but only saw one goal. He rushes for just 57 yards on defense in the NFL last year. One goal was worrisome, as he saw a career-high 64 last year, which helped save his season with more passing from the Raiders. That was still the case in Week 1, when the Raiders were holding just 22 percent of the ball. If these two trends continue, Jacobs’ floors and ceilings will be significantly lower. Las Vegas is full of weapons in the passing game and clearly isn’t afraid to take advantage of that. Jacobs is a flexible option at best. He faces the mid-ranked Cardinals this week.

Akers cannot be started even in deeper formats. He hit just 18 percent of his fast breaks last week, saw three touches and zero points. After the game Sean McVeigh said Ax had to run with more urgency. It’s the opposite of what you’d expect from an early-round draft pick. He was recovering from a torn Achilles tendon before being knocked down in the preseason. While now is not the time to panic, Akers cannot be trusted until he gets more work and proves he can still play at a high level. Now is not the time to drop Axe, but certainly not the time to start him. You have to take a wait-and-see approach with Akers going forward.

Pierce hit just 28% of the fast break in Week 1 with 11 carries and 1 target for just 39 yards and less than five fantasy points. After a very promising preseason, the season got off to a disappointing start. It was a game that played the entire overtime and the Texans led the game, which was a positive playbook for Pierce, but he still saw so little work. If the Texans fall behind, as they did against the Broncos this week, Pierce could be eliminated as Rex Burkhead sees eight targets and is an obvious passing option. If so, Pierce may see fewer jobs. Don’t give up Pierce, but for now you have to sit him down until he starts seeing bigger roles.

Harris is part of a Patriots backcourt still messed up for fantasy purposes. Harris led the way with 40 percent steals, nine carries and three goals. Overall, he finished with fewer than eight fantasy points. Rhamondre Stevenson saw 8 carries and 2 targets, while Ty Montgomery stole 2 carries and 4 targets — one for a touchdown. There are currently too many options, including snaps, carry, and targets, to make any of these three trustworthy. Also, with Mike Jones now downed, the defense might just stack the paint up against the ground game, allowing the Patriots to beat them in the air. This backcourt is totally too dark to believe right now for fantasy purposes.



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