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NHK presents a colorful heart-shaped cocktail, Shuwawan! Anime premieres in February and March

NHK announced on January 9 that two new animations will premiere Aired on NHK General and NHK Educational channels in February and March. Colorful anime will premiere on NHK General in late February with five episodes and Shuwawan! The anime will premiere with three episodes in late March, with episodes four and beyond coming in April or later.

Colorful based on Seizou Watase of manga, Watase in s and has roll. Full-color comics tell a love story in an urban setting. The new manga will continue the love story, but in modern times. Some of the stories will include an age difference love story, a love story of two people who couldn’t meet because of the pandemic, and a single mother’s love story.

Anime will be starring Kazuya Kamenashi, shuwawan.png Tamiyoshi Okuda, and shuwawan.png Hikari Mitsushima .

This comic inspired a TV adaptation of 1988 Animate to 1988. Okuda also voices in the animation.

Five-minute Shuwawan! series documenting real-life photographer cum prose Saito Harunichi’s family life. Saitō and his wife are deaf, his children are hearing, and the family communicates using sign language (“sign language” is “shuwa” in Japanese). NHK‘s anime will draw on Saito’s own work Ikuji Manga Nikki (Child – Parenting Manga Diary) work.

Actor Masataka Kubota

Harumichi will be voiced in a Japanese anime.

shuwawan.pngSource: NHK, Anime Hack193816

193816 1988



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