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Nia Long Teams Up With Eddie Murphy On 'You People,' Clarifies 'Blackfamous' Comments

Nia Long by The Daily Show, Wednesday is hosted by Wanda Sykes to talk about her two current projects you guys These people and are missing .

The actress starred alongside Eddie Murphy in Netflix’s You People ( Eddie Murphy, about a new couple and their very different families, “who find themselves examining modern love and family dynamics amid conflicting cultures, societal expectations and generational differences ,” Liu Guang said.

“He was great,” Long said of working with Murphy. “I’m so excited to finally be old enough to play his wife, because for years, I’ve been like, ‘Oh no, you’re too young.'” You know? And now, men always get younger women, so here we are. ”

She also released her movie, Missing, following June(Storm Reid ) later while she was looking for her mom (Long), she went missing while vacationing in Colombia with her new boyfriend.

“The greatness of this movie The thing about everything is that everything is shot with some sort of technological device,” she explains. Every rule I learned about film and TV I had to throw out the window because there was nothing superfluous. No cuts. Just shoot, don’t ask questions, because if you ask questions, you will be more confused. So I just have to trust the process. ”

recently made headlines News interviewed 500 for Buzzfeed in which she said terms like “film noir” and “Blackfamous” “just make us flinch. ’ Towards the end of the segment, Sykes asks the You People actress, “Do you want to clean up that shit?” “

“I mean, if we continue to practice this idea of ​​separatism, we will continue to divide,” Lang explained. Raising my fist because I understand the experience, but I also believe that the more we understand each other, the more we accept each other, and that this thing called art should represent all of us. ”




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