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Nick Kroll on World History, Part II: 'One of the highlights of my life'

“Most good sequels take at least years to make,” executive producer Nick Kroll Joking about his interest in the 1981 Mel Brooksmovieworld Follow-up to History, Part I . In fact, 1981 years later History of the World, Part II has been transferred from Brooks, Kroll, Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes and David Stassen, for various sketches from different periods of human history.

Brooks called Kroll to revisit the project, the star told The Hollywood Reporter at the Los Angeles premiere on Monday, “Not only was one of the highlights of my career, but indeed one of the highlights of my life. Getting a call from your hero, not just a phone call , and it was a phone call saying, “Can you do this for me? “I still can’t imagine a higher honor, and frankly it’s a bit of a scary thing to try not to screw up knowing everything he’s done.” Brooks himself made a surprise appearance at the premiere, on stage at Hollywood’s Legion Theater won warm applause.

Kroll recruited Sykes (“someone I greatly admire”) and Barinholtz (“We needed a punching bag, so Ike won the fan contest”) as his The partners are looking for “someone with a good connection in comedy, who has a really unique voice, who will also be able to understand and respect what Mel Brooks does.”

Sykes said that when she got the call from Kroll, she thought he was playing a prank, “But once I realized it was real, I was blown away, especially since Mel knew Me, wish I was on this project.” Barinholtz added on hearing the idea, “You know how cartoon characters run away with just the silhouette of clouds? That’s the way it is. It’s the fastest in the world, yes.” 1235333748

“I think we’re at a point right now where people are re-examining our history, there’s a lot of different ideas about what our history is made of, and we” Barinholtz said said during the timing of the second part . If we could do our jobs and laugh at it, maybe it wouldn’t be so angry. ”

Seth Rogen, Kumail Nanjiani, Jay Ellis, Josh Gad, Dove Cameron, Danny DeVito, Johnny Knoxville, Hannah Einbinder, Sam Richardson and Tyler James Williams, among others , Kroll said these came from “a lot of calls and emails from friends and trying to find someone right in the middle of a pandemic.”

“The truth is, there’s nothing like calling The phone is an easier way for people to answer the phone and say, ‘Do you want to be part of the Mel Brooks project? ’” he said. “It really was the greatest opener you could ask for. He added that in addition to these issues, people like “Johnny Knoxville and Sarah Silverman have reached out to us and said, ‘Let me know if anything happens,’ and of course we’ll find those opportunities because those people are the world’s The best and funniest people on the planet. ”

Barinholtz said one big star they were trying to get but couldn’t (due to schedule) was Justin Theroux, and he joked that maybe he’d be in third section “A Sexy Kennedy. ”

Kroll himself played Judas in the skit, teasing “I think I’m really a self-loathing Jew, I think I’ll play the real enemy. ”

“In [Sketch] Curb Your Judaism I think I’m a good ” Kroll continued joking, “I think the best thing we did in the whole process was not bother to ask Larry David to do it, and that’s the best thing we could do. But we got to play with JB Smoove – you can hardly Curb Your Enthusiasm without JB Smoove, so this is a rare opportunity. It was fun doing the Beatles stuff like Judas, it was awesome. ”

History of the World, Part II March 6 Start playing on Hulu.



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