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Nick Saban: 'I definitely plan to coach here at the end of my new contract at Alabama'

Jeffrey Vest/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Alabama football head coach Nick Saban’s contract will run through February 2030 after the school board’s compensation committee agreed to a one-year extension and a raise this week.

Saban will be 78 when his contract expires, but he made it clear that he plans to guide the entire deal in a conversation with ESPN’s Chris Low.

” Saban will be “still here” for the remainder of his contract, Saban has A ready answer,” Lowe wrote.

“Alive?” Saban replied jokingly. “I’m definitely planning to come and coach here.” Saban, who will turn 71 in October, said he still feels good While realizing the need to adapt.

“First of all, I feel like a young man, right? So let’s clarify,” Saban said with a smile.

“71…is a number, Just a number, I still feel like they don’t do what they used to, but you have to be flexible. I think that’s one of the most important things in competitive sports. You know, the game has changed. The three-point shot has changed basketball. So you either change , or fall behind.

“Uncrowded changed football, RPO [run-pass-option drama] changed football. If you don’t study games, understand the implications of these things and use them to your advantage, you’ll be completely bypassed by a lot of people. “
Saban Now signed to an eight-year, $93.6 million contract that makes him the highest-paid coach in college football, by annual salary. For a man who has coached Alaba since coming to Tuscaloosa in 2007 A well-deserved contract for a coach who has won six national championships. Coach can stay in his 70s Not uncommon on teams, some even in their 80s. Notably, Eddie G. Robinson was 78 when he left Gramblings, while Frank Solich left Ohio State at 76 . Bobby Bowden to leave Florida State University at 80.
Saban’s Crimson Tide tops the list in a row, and it looks Up dynasty won’t end anytime soon.
Alabama has a pair of Heisman Trophy candidates in four Shooting back Blake Young (last year’s champion) and rusher Will Anderson Jr., who led the team to No. 1 in preseason voting.

Saban will begin his 17th season (28th as college football head coach) at Alabama on Saturday, Sept. 3 against Utah.



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