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Nicole Ari Parker Reveals Her Character in the Season 2 Premiere

Lisa Todd Wexley as And Just Like That, Nicole Ali Parker (Nicole Ari Parker) brings her fashion-forward game to our screens. After all, she’s one of the best-dressed characters in the “Max” series, so it was only natural that she wore Lisa’s flawless and stunning outfit at the season two premiere in New York last night. Dressed in a custom Valentino outfit, the actor joined the rest of the cast and crew at the Crosby Hotel to celebrate the new episode. “Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon have created this legacy in 12 years worth celebrating,” Parker said . “We were all dressed up; everyone involved in the show was there. It was very small and wonderful.”

For intimacy, Parker opted for Valentino’s chic “Schoolgirl” Styling, design by Ade Samuel, design by Pierpaolo Piccioli. It included a voluminous coral faille dress with a pink chiffon button-down top and tie. As it turns out, the inspiration for the school uniform has a deeply personal connection to Parker. “I went to a private school from second grade to 12 third grade, so I wore school uniform almost my entire childhood,” Parker said. “As much as I love fine clothing and edgy pieces, I’m still a bit conservative and preppy at heart. He made this gorgeous rock star prep school gown.” The design felt instantly when she wore it she is gone. “I feel like I’m my best self,” she said. “Coral is perfect for early summer.” Makeup artist Vincent Oquendo and hairstylist Nai’vasha create a soft and elegant glamor.

The Valentino suit is also a clever nod to Lisa’s outfit in the first episode of the new season. The character also wore a custom red Valentino chiffon gown to the “Met Ball” in New York. “It’s 12 feet of silk chiffon—like, come on

,” Parker said. “A dream come true! Philip Treacy’s [feather] headdress is also spectacular.” In this episode, Lisa’s transportation to the Met doesn’t arrive, and she’s forced to walk to the Met in her elaborate creation Parker fondly remembers filming the scene — her dramatic crossing of Park Avenue, with the train whizzing by behind her. “The whole city was collaborating in that moment,” Parker said with a laugh. “You can’t stop traffic on Park Avenue, so the lights change, we take a break, and two yellow cabs magically stop. It’s a typical New York moment. And no windmills! [Real] wind puts that piece Gorgeous dress blown into the air!” 2525

“Just Like That” is all about stunning fashion moments, Parker added, with the show’s lead costume designer Molly Rogers and Danny · Santiago. “They hit it off with [Lisa] and everybody,” Parker said. “They really didn’t hold back—everything from my jewelry to my shoes was a step up. I mean, she was wearing a

purple Issey Miyake coat when she picked up the kids, Wearing a leather beret.” So what can we expect from her role this season? She gave us a brief preview. “The writers room really found that balance, giving you a glimpse into the lives of these new characters,” Parker said. “This season you’re going to see what the Wexleys are really going through as a black family in New York.” Hopefully there will be more scenes with her equally stylish mother-in-law, Eunice.

Below, see how Parker prepares for the premiere at The Mark Hotel in New York.

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