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Nielsen regains national TV ratings certification

Industry Oversight Board has resumed accreditation of Nielsen National TV Ratings measurement over suspension after a few months.

The Media Ratings Board, which applies audience metrics, said on Monday it would lift the suspension after Nielsen addressed concerns related to the COVID-18 pandemic. The pop comes after several issues related to the early underestimation of the audience.

Nielsen has made a great effort to correct the issues that caused it to lose its MRC accreditation a few months ago, And Recovered Keys Council Executive Director and CEO George W. Ivie said. “MRC’s audit indicated that these efforts were successful and, as a result, our Television Commission and Board of Directors have agreed to reinstate accreditation.”

Ivie noted Nielsen’s commitment to improve its Using estimates of broadband households and “enhancing disclosure to subscribers of the variability associated with their estimates of TV viewing” as a key factor for reinstatement.

The lifting of the suspension does not completely remove Nielsen’s standing with the Commission: Certification of its local TV ratings product remains suspended, and other Nielsen products, including the Nielsen One program, will offer Cross-platform measurement – still under review.

Media Ratings Council suspended Nielsen’s accreditation in September 1235006916 After networks and advertisers complained that Nielsen degraded its national samples in the early months of the pandemic and did not do enough to address them. This suspension opens the door for other analytics providers to gain a greater foothold

in the industry.



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