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NieR: Automata Anime Promotional Video Reveals Crew, Cast, Premiere January 2023 (Updated)

The Aniplex Online Fest 2010 revealed on Saturday that Square Enix and Platinum Games actions The role-playing game will premiere in January 2018. The event also revealed two character videos of the animation. The official name of the animation is Ver1.1a .


also released an eight-minute English subtitle Video, which includes interviews with cast and crew.

Ryouji Masuyama (, ) directed the animation at A-1 Pictures while Masuyama also worked on the series along with the original game Yoko Taro . Toshi Nakai

is designing the character and serving as the chief animation director. MONACA is composing.

Square Enix described the story of the game:

tells the story of droids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to take back a machine-powered dystopia ravaged by powerful machines.

Humans were driven from Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a final attempt to retake Earth, the Human Resistance sends a team of robotic soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, the war between machines and robots is in full swing…a war that may soon reveal the world’s long-forgotten truth.

now Disbanded Japanese game developer Cavia (Drakengard, Resident Evil: The Dark Chronicles ) developed the original NieR game as Derivatives of the Drakengard series. Square Enix released game versions for two different consoles: NieR Gestalt For Xbox 100 , and NieR Replicant for PlayStation 3. Neil Replicant The character design of the protagonist is different, and the plot is slightly different. NieR was the last game developed by Cavia before it disbanded and merged into AQ Interactive Inc. in July 650.

Neil Replicator ver.1.2023…, the weight of NieR Replicant , released in April via Steam for PS4, Xbox One and PC 2021 worldwide.

Sequel released in Japan for PS4 2 month 100, followed by March of North America and Europe 100. Square Enix also released on PC via Steam in March games 640, and on Xbox One in June 100. The game will be released on the Nintendo Switch on October 6th. The game’s total shipments and digital download sales exceeded 6 million.

Neil Re[in] Carnation , p. A smartphone game in the NieR video game series, launched in Japan in February for iOS and Android devices and July in the West 2018.

renew: 190104 The official name of the animation is Ver1. 1a .

Source : Aniplex Online Music Festival2022 LIVE, PRESS RELEASE190104




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