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NieR:Automata Ver 1.1a ‒ Episode 4

What do you think of Episode 4 of

NieR:Automata Ver 1.1a?

Community Rating: 4.3

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Man, did I miss this show! However, on whether I like this The anime is due to the quality of the show itself, or just my source of nostalgia and goodwill for the

franchise . That’s not to say the show is bad. In fact, “a mountain too [H]high” might be the best episode yet, at least as far as the direct game adaptation goes. Amusement parks filled with emotionally unstable robots and screaming corpses of skinned, dying robots are just too evil and weird to not love, and the fight with Simone is my favorite One of the boss encounters Neil game. It’s not just because of the villain fights themselves either! I’m sure all of you anime viewers have noticed by now, Keiichi Okabe‘s soundtrack fucking rip , and all the music he makes is elevated NieR reaches new heights. I’m sure it would be illegal for me to rate any medium using “Beautiful Song” (the central track of this episode) less than 3.5 stars. nier-automata-ep-4.png nier-automata-ep-4.png I still can’t help but take all the baggage DrakeNieR When I watch this show, fans Got to play, and I still find myself wondering how cohesive or appealing this is to a layman. To its credit, Ver1.1a Included more character interactions with the Rebellion crew, and some proper foreshadowing check-ins with the YorHa Commander returning to space, which I think does a good job of simplifying some of the exposition and narrative point connections when you’re going to tens of hours The gameplay changes naturally when condensed into just a few hours of animation. When it comes to the rough plot of “a mountain is too [high],” that basically nails down the gist of the amusement park adventure. Does affect the occurrence of the story It’s another matter entirely. For example, consider the way this episode deals with the fight with Simone. As has been the case throughout the season, what we see in this encounter is actually the material of two different campaigns spliced ​​together; in the original game as 2B, you couldn’t gain insight into Simone’s broken and tormented mind because All of these revelations don’t come until many hours later when you play the events again as 9S. On the one hand, I really like Ver1.1a

Included in 9S’s hacking sequence – exploiting the medium in favor of a surreal infiltration by ditching barrage minigames and textual interludes certainly makes sense for the robot’s spooky state of mind. nier-automata-ep-4.png On the other hand, we lost the kind of reflection and re-evaluation that caught up with 9S Interpreted Senses Experience the robot’s own standalone storyline after your first encounter with all of its enemies. It was never accurately presented as “distorted” so it wasn’t broken, but more direct messaging weakened that particular item”NieR” makes the game stand out. That’s not to say the episode didn’t tell a story either, and there were plenty Always nailed to NieR Perfect experience. The battle with Simone was very exciting and very entertaining, and I actually think the horrific fate of the captured droid is even more terrifying in animated form; the texture of the art and the direction of the opening reveal something that makes this sequence plausible Creepy and disturbing, and this game never did that for me. I haven `t been there70% sure Ver1.1a is perfectly capable of being a series on its own, but I absolutely love all those extra details and flourishes that expand on the original story in such an interesting way. Hope we don’t have to wait another month to see NieR continue to adapt and interpret this weird and wonderful story. Rating: Irrelevant code • This week The puppet show is a treat for people like me who are so easy to impress after seeing all the cute little doll versions of YorHa’s supporting cast. Plus, who among us doesn’t fail the most important mission of their lives just because they get distracted and walk away to do something completely irrelevant? Knowledge Collectionnier-automata-ep-4.png Here you’ll find more of my spoiler observations, so you might want to avoid those bits unless you’re already familiar with the Neil game! nier-automata-ep-4.png

• So, just to be sure, I reviewed some gameplay of the game, feel free to correct me in the comments if I’m wrong, but this is the first time we’ve seen 2B hacking himself, right? As far as disagreement goes, 2B had to come up with a hitherto unknown ability to save 9S from Simone’s mind, which felt like a big deal, especially when Pod mentioned that Type B units risked corruption by attempting this A feat. nier-automata-ep-4.png nier-automata-ep-4.png• There is also the last scene where 9S brutally kills the last The surviving droid feels very much like something that 9S in the game’s finale would have; the cheekiness feels a bit out of place for this guy in the early stages of the story. Could this be a brief lapse in consistency…or could it be a harbinger of bigger changes to come? nier-automata-ep-4.pngnier-automata-ep-4.png nier-automata-ep-4.png

James is a A writer with many thoughts and feelings about anime and other pop culture, also available on Twitter, his blog and podcast. nier-automata-ep-4.png



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