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Nigeria's Buhari defends election results, economic record

Felix Onuya

ABUJA (Reuters) – Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari was on Sunday for his economic record and controversial Defending the results of the presidential election, saying he will leave a solid legacy and a fair vote, a day before he hands over power to his successor.

Buhari took office for the first time in after promising to revive the economy and end corruption and insecurity, but many Nigerians say those problems have faded under his leadership deterioration.

The victory of incoming President Bola Tinubu is being challenged by two of his closest opposition opponents, and on Tuesday the court will begin hearing the main arguments

Buhari, an ascetic80 year-old retired general, said the February vote helped consolidate democracy in Africa’s most populous country, while Tinubu ran on the ruling party’s vote , is the best candidate to stand out in this election.

“I would leave an electoral process that guarantees that votes are counted, results are credible, elections are fair and transparent, and that the influence of money in politics is minimized,” Buhari said in a statement. said in a statement. Say goodbye to national broadcasting.

Tinubu has inherited anemic economic growth, record debt and shrinking oil production. Double-digit inflation eating into savings and wages is one of the biggest problems he will face after he is sworn in.

But Buhari said his government had made some tough choices to reopen the economy, some of which “caused temporary pain and suffering, and the For this I sincerely apologize to my family and fellow countrymen, but these measures were taken in the overall interest of the country.”

Life is hard for Nigerians, with protectionist economic policies and foreign exchange intervention intertwined Together, it caused a dollar shortage and spooked investors.



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