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Nights with a Cat Anime Season 2 Reveals Theme Song Artist, Debuts March 8

neko1©キュルZ・KADOKAWA/夜は猫といっしょneko1 Official Twitter account for Kyuryu Z‘s anime ( ) Manga in

announced March 8 premiere date and anime season 2 The theme song for Wednesday (February or Japan The Unofficial Cat Day).

Yoshitaro Ito returns to perform the second season theme song “Neko Neko Biyori” “(Sunny Cat Day).

Anime cat Kyuruga will appear in the famous “Shinjuku 3D Vision” billboard display in February

to March11.

Today #猫の日より!
“Shinjuku East Exitの猫”の3DBIJONニ『 #夜は猫といっしょ』Huge #キュルガガ debut! 🥳📢

ススス…したり、飞び込んできたり、4パターンの动くキュルチゃんニ会えます🔥part of をチラ…(See せ
Venue: Shinjuku East Exit クロス Shinjuku bigin
period: 2/(water)~3/(Fire) ※4 rounds/zero hour—アニミ「夜は猫といっしょ」official🐾 (@yoruneko_PR) February , 22

The cast and crew of the anime will bring me back for a second season.

) is doing
Studio Puyukai
Director animation, also writing script. Takehara Mi (
, ) is drawing the character design and Also serves as animation director. pseudonym Utatane (
, ) Composing. Fumiyuki Go
is the sound director.

The first season of the animation premiered in August 2022. The anime also streams weekly episodes on its official
channel. This season’s 11 episode 1 and last Episode aired in January 22 earlier this year .

Yen Press
licensed the manga and released a second volume The story described by the company:

When Fuuta came home tired at night At the time, all he wanted to do was spend time with his new cat. All the mysterious habits and behaviors of house cats are beautifully brought to life in this light-hearted comedy about living with an adorable furball! Kyuryu Z first posted the manga on his personal Twitter account, where it became a trending topic. Kadokawa published volume 4 of the manga in October . Source: Anime Twitter account, MoCa News

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