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NIJISANJI EN Terminates Contract of Selen Tatsuki

Image courtesy of ANYCOLOR Inc.

NIJISANJI EN announced on Tuesday that ANYCOLOR has terminated the contract of Virtual YouTuber Selen Tatsuki as of February 5. The announcement cited “multiple breaches of contract and misleading statements on social platforms.”

The memberships on her YouTube channel will be closed, and all social media accounts will be made private. The company will gradually end the sale of merchandise featuring the talent, although ANYCOLOR noted that merchandise produced in 2023 may still be released in the future. Payment to the talent for merchandising has been settled or will be settled by the end of February.

The announcement comes after Selen’s absence from streaming following the release of her cover of livestreamer Lily Pichu‘s “The Last Cup of Coffee” on December 25. The video was made private shortly after its release.

The termination notice included a statement regarding a music video lacking “proper authorization” and claimed it was posted without authorization.

Selen posted on her X (formerly Twitter) account that she spent time recovering at the hospital for an accident during this absence.

Image courtesy of ANYCOLOR Inc.

Selen debuted in July 2021 as part of the Obsydia group in NIJISANJI EN’s second wave. Her YouTube channel had 800 thousand subscribers, and her X/Twitter account had 650 thousand followers at the time of termination.

The Obsydia VTuber group will continue on with the other two members, Rosemi Lovelock and Petra Gurin.

ILUNA member Kyo Kaneko will graduate on February 17.

Lazulight member Pomu Rainpuff graduated on January 20.

NIJISANJI EN has parted ways with a number of talents in the past year, including Luxiem wave member Mysta Rias, who graduated in August citing burnout, and XSOLEIL member Zaion LanZa whose contract was terminated in March due to numerous offences, including “making numerous false and inappropriate statements.”

Noctyx member Yugo Asuma graduated in December 2022 after numerous discussions regarding “many aspects of his activities and behavior as a Liver [that] could not be accepted” by the company.

The NIJISANJI project launched in 2018 and is run by ANYCOLOR, Inc. (formerly Ichikara Inc.). It is one of Japan’s largest Virtual YouTuber projects, hosting over a hundred VTubers. As of May 2021, the project has expanded to three Asian countries (China/Indonesia/Korea) in their local and English languages. NIJISANJI EN launched its first group in May 2021.

Source: NIJISANJI EN’s X/Twitter account



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