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Nike in the Museum: A Private Look at Virgil's Abloh Design Legacy

Shannon Abloh, Travis Scott, Sarah Andelman, Samuel Ross, Futura , Riccardo Tisci, Daniel Arsham, Heron Preston, Laura Harrier, Benji B, Tom Sachs, Aleali May, Nike pioneer John Hawke, Joe Holder and Fraser Cook were also in attendance at the opening. Also on hand are Mahfuz Sultan and Chloe Wayne Sultan, leading figures in architecture and key guardians of Abloh’s design legacy. As Chloe explains: “Mahfuz and I have worked with Virgil for many years, on many different projects. One of the main reasons for this is that he founded a think tank, a rogue outside studio called Architecture, from

has been with Nike since the beginning.

She added: “Since his death, we have been thinking deeply about how we can show the public what he was like. impactful way to manage his legacy, and also think very deeply and positively about his practice…we wanted to show where sneakers were a central node in his design practice, through which he honed He practiced new technologies and experimented with them before deploying them in other areas of his work. That’s why most of the show is sneakers, but we’ve also tried to bring in key pieces from his other work to show interactions – because he’s always talking. Even without the main protagonists, last night’s conversation at Rubell continued well into the night.

“Virgil Abloh: The Codes c/o Architecture at the Rubell Museum “The exhibition is open to the public from December 1st to 4th.




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