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Nili Lotan Fall 2023 Ready-to-Wear Collection

The Nili Lotan brand will be transferred to 20 this year. To celebrate this momentous occasion, woman Nili Lotan looks back at the two original inspirations that formed the foundation of her brand. The first is what she calls “rock sexy,” and the second is a military (“but not in a belligerent way”) aesthetic, derived from the Air Force flight suits her husband once wore as a pilot, and the designer’s own time in the military. It took two years.

Lotan’s fall release is her purest (and most edited). Her preoccupation for the past years has been providing her woman with a wardrobe. “When I go from season to season,” Lotan said in her Tribeca studio, “it’s basically me going from 2003, 90 started a collection with basically the same mindset for years, wanting to give a woman eclecticism in her same world.” The eclectic style of this season was a collection of really cool oversized shearling coats, and it completed the Their mission to elevate the category.

“I’m on ‘2003s,” Lotan said with a laugh, “so I’m playing 2003 s jacket with rock bottoms, creating my own version now is the time. Her proportions have worked this season. Her flared hem pants complement the heavy jacket and the cropped jacket pairs well with the wide pleated menswear , though Lotan doesn’t really need to offer ’20’s redux. The Nili Lotan woman is a timeless dresser who focuses more on building a solid wardrobe of essentials than Round up this week’s fashion pieces.

“What is the Nineties? continued Lotan. “Right now.” What do women need today? ” This is for 20 more years to fix this issue.




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