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Nissan Leaf can now officially power homes with two-way charging

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This ability is largely dormant, but is now approved for use


Fermata Energy’s FE-15 bi-directional charger in a commercial use case. Fermata Energy’s FE-15 bidirectional charger in a commercial use case.

Photo: Nissan

Nissan has approved the first two-way charging system for its all-electric Leaf in the U.S. vehicle. Fermata Energy’s FE-15 charger, which can use an EV’s battery to power a building, charge and return stored energy to the grid, is the first system of its kind to receive UL 9741 certification for a bidirectional charging solution.

Back in 2012, Nissan promised that its potentially soon-to-be-discontinued electric vehicles would eventually share their stored battery power back into your home or the grid during peak hours and even in emergencies. The technology is widely known as vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-home (V2H), and vehicle-to-load (V2L), all of which are used interchangeably to describe systems that convert electric vehicles into backup power plants.

Other automakers also have bidirectional charging solutions, including Ford’s Smart Backup Power feature, available for its all-electric F-150 Lightning truck. Modern Ioniq 5 and 6 V2L features can also make them excellent camping companions. Tesla, on the other hand, was pessimistic about the concept, and instead rolled out its dedicated PowerWall battery backup solution — the same one it scaled up to the scale of a virtual power plant.

It can help reduce grid stress

The solution is simple. In a press release, Fermata Energy CEO David Slutzky said that Leaf owners can “create additional value from the energy stored in the vehicle’s battery” and that chargers can help reduce the total cost of ownership of EVs by allowing buildings to harvest energy from it. Peak period. It could also help reduce stress on the grid, Slutzky said, which isn’t an issue right now, but could become a problem in the future unless utilities and grid operators make the right investments.

All models of Nissan Leafs from 2013 and newer are approved for use with the FE-15 two-way charger and the automaker states that the battery warranty will not be affected. You need a fast-charging CHAdeMO port on the Leaf to take advantage of two-way charging, which is sometimes not standard. It’s worth noting that the 2013 Leaf comes with a more powerful but similar-capacity 24kWh battery than the 2012 model, and while the previous model did have a fast-charging option, Nissan probably doesn’t want to be responsible for the battery’s health to drain quickly.

Those interested in FE-15 chargers can contact the company through their website. As for home use, company spokesman Daniel Cherrin told us “that will have to wait until now.” Fermata Energy isn’t the only product Nissan has in mind, though — the automaker is also partnering with another company called Dcbel, which is creating A bidirectional charging solution for the home.

Dcbel’s r16 bidirectional charger is designed for home use.

Picture: Dcbel

CHAdeMO charging standard suddenly With a final cheer. This port is gradually disappearing at various charging stations as the CCS Combo takes over. New features like this are well worth a look and a good story to add to Leaf’s legacy.

Sep 13 11:26AM ET Correction: A previous version of this article suggested The FE-15 charger can be installed at home. It can currently only be used to power other buildings and the grid. We regret this error.

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