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NLE Choppa and His Girlfriend Broke Up — Here’s What Happened

After seeing Marissa’s emotional are residing movement, Choppa posted a response on YouTube in a video called “Clearing the Air.”

In the photos, he says, “To originate up, I consume fats blame, fats accountability, fats accountability for all my actions.” He complimented Marissa, asserting his time along with her turned into “the supreme relationship” he is ever had. He called her the “sweetest, kindest individual,” and clarified that he did now not comprise this video to “diss” her.

NLE Choppa announced that he broke up with his girlfriend on Twitter.

On Sep. 12, 2022, Choppa tweeted, “I am single. I’m man enough to admit I’m not ready, and I have some growing to do.”

He posted some follow-up tweets as well, including one that said, “I’m fighting spiritual wars so often, my physical reality don’t even be the problem no more,” and one that said, “Detaching and letting go truly is a task for the strong. It’s tough but has to be done for GROWTH.”

He seems confident in his decision to walk away from the relationship, citing his personal growth journey and spiritual battles as the reasons he chose to leave.

Marissa DaNae’s response wasn’t so calm or accepting.

On Sep. 15, 2022, Marissa went on an Instagram live stream and explained what the breakup has been like –– and apparently, it hasn’t been a walk in the park for the IG model. She revealed that she’s been having trouble sleeping and eating since Choppa ended things.

Through tears, she said, “Honestly, how hard it is for me to get up and face reality because this was not my reality a week ago. I can’t tell y’all how hard it is because I love so hard and I love harder and harder and harder every time, and this one hurts the most because I really thought I was going to marry this man.”

Marissa has been actively posting solo pictures of herself on the ‘gram rocking different trendy outfits and hair colors. Her most recent picture with Choppa, which was posted on June 14, 2022, still remains undeleted as well.

According to Hot New Hip Hop, Waka Flocka’s ex-wife Tammy Rivera entered the chat by leaving some heartfelt advice for Marissa. She wrote, “Baby what I can tell you is that it get better and you will look back at this and laugh and say damn I was tripping. TRUST ME! All [of] us women know the pain of heartbreak and we empathize with you, love.”

It’s unclear whether or not Marissa has responded to Tammy or other fans just yet.

NLE Choppa posted a YouTue video about the breakup.

After seeing Marissa’s emotional live stream, Choppa posted a response on YouTube in a video called “Clearing the Air.”

In the footage, he says, “To begin, I take full blame, full accountability, full responsibility for all my actions.” He complimented Marissa, saying his time with her was “the best relationship” he’s ever had. He called her the “sweetest, kindest person,” and clarified that he didn’t make this video to “diss” her.

Over the course of the 37-minute-long video, he shed light on some of the ups and downs of their relatinoship, and at the end, he urged people to “be gentle on her heart” while she’s going through this breakup in the public sphere.

The video has pulled in positive responses from fans.



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