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No. 61 escapes judge in non-stop game against Boston

Do not. 39 in endless days with Boston

Yanks slugger hits out, flies out and wins over Red Sox

NEW YORK — Shadow came in late Saturday afternoon as Aaron Judge stared at the mound, his eyes fixed on Red Sox reliever John Schreiber, who is 6 feet tall. A 2-inch figure, he was still fully bathed in sunlight. As Derek Jeter has often said, it was the worst time of the day when the bat was brought to home plate at Yankee Stadium.

However, it was the judge’s task, and it ended in a tie in a 7-5 Yankees win. more than47, fans stand up and again hope their tickets are good for history . Schreiber shot a fastball high; the judge thought he checked his swing, but the final decision went to first base umpire Chris Conroy, who swung his right fist to signal the judge had gone too far.



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