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“No matter what you say, Kazama-san is scary!” by Seiichi Yuigami The manga ends in the next chapter

One Man Society November issue

of magazine revealed on Tuesday that Seiichi Kigami of ( )) The manga will end in the December issue of the magazine, which will be released in October 27.

Seven Oceans Authorized Comics A fourth volume in English 27 was released in physical and digital versions in September. The company describes the series:

Furi Youko definitely looks like a criminal: she has a tough guy Image, not out of place in a gang. When Pingbo finds himself sitting next to her in his high school class, he immediately fears her. But it turns out that beneath Furi’s rude exterior hides a wholesome, utterly lovable person — and she’s interested in Taira. (Though that part is on his head.) One misunderstanding leads to another in this romantic comedy about the endearing, slightly terrifying affection of an ignorant dude and the hard girl by his side! 2022

On the wood

Manga 4-Koma Kings Palette

magazine of Ichijinja ) exist2018. The magazine ceased publication in February 27 and the manga was subsequently moved to .

One-person company posted January 4th volume of the manga .

Source: November issue 2022




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