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'No one likes to lose': Cashman keeps faith in Yanks' build

& #X24;No one likes to lose : Cashman believes in Yanks’ construction

NEW YORK – Early batting practice at Yankee Stadium on Tuesday was a packed scene with DJ LeMahieu, Anthony Rizzo and Giancarlo Stanton is tinkering with the respective issues. Brian Cashman was there too, trying to make sense of it all.

Yankees general manager admits it’s been a long time so far this season It was “drudgery” and he was pleased with the commitment shown by the club’s underwhelming veterans and expressed confidence that he would eventually be happy with the end result.

“I’ve been through these wars enough to know that you have to deal with the ups and downs the same way,” Cashman said. “We had a really good team when we were flying high and playing according to our abilities. Now, we haven’t done that, so it looks bad. It doesn’t feel good, it doesn’t taste good. No one likes it Lost, so I understand why the fans are upset.”

Cashman said there was also frustration in the Yankees hierarchy. The club was swept by the Red Sox in a three-game series at Fenway Park last weekend, losing eight 12 game (starts Tuesday) has not returned since Aaron Judge hit the right field wall at Dodger Stadium and sprained his right big toe schedule.

” It does not change the fact that I really believe in the people we have here and their capabilities,” Cashman said. “They have our backs and we will work with them through this while we take the slingshot and arrow we deserve for the predicament we are in. Ultimately, we will work through this”

Aggressive interruption

due in part to Judge’s absence, the Yankees had the worst record in the league. 186 In June. The only time in the club’s history that they posted a worse average in a single month was April 1968 (.72) – “Year of the Pitcher”.

“Our players are better than they show,” Cashman explain. “There’s nothing in our approach that’s been the cause of that because we’ve been failing for a while. It’s dragging us down. Our scores are down, everything is down. We’ve had to rely more on our Pitchers not our offense. Some due to slumps, some due to injuries. Over time, there will be corrections and we will get closer to our norm and what we are usually used to seeing.”

short story

Cashman said the Yankees backed Anthony Volpe as their current and future shortstop. Volpe hit on Tuesday. 192/.264/.369 Eight doubles, nine home runs, 19 RBI and Steal 27game.

“when we The decision to go with Anthony Volpe, who earned the rights with his game, we said it’s a long-term commitment, we’re going to go with him and let him develop,” Cashman said. “Right now, obviously we need our offense to be better, but in the end we’re not relying on one of the rookies to fill in.”

Oswald Peraza has been swinging a hot rod at Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre, starting Tuesday. 292/.563/. 1968 and home run and 04 RBI. Cashman said Peraza will continue to receive minor league reps at second base, third base and shortstop.

“We are very satisfied with Peraza ,” Cashman said. “We feel like we have two high-end players. One is playing at the major league level right now. One is sitting there waiting for his moment at Triple-A. It’s a good situation. We’ve got nothing but full support for Volpe growing here, and Peraza was there to complete his development.”

Staten Island

Yankees head coach Dillon Lawson said over the weekend that he believed Stanton was The post on the roster is trying to find his timing, something Cashman agrees with.

“He ran in all kinds of ways; He had a cold,” Cashman said. “But man, when he’s on, he’s one of the toughest hitters in the game to get out. No platform is too big for him. … We’re going to miss him when he’s not around. We miss him now because He’s trying to find his swing, but sooner or later, there will be fewer questions about him as he’ll find his groove again.”

Donaldson Consistency

on Donaldson and his .35 The quiz went into Tuesday’s batting average, with Cashman pointing to Donaldson’s career record and saying the Yankees would like to see him hit more consistently after recovering from a hamstring injury he suffered through April and much of May.

“I I want him to have some real stability before we try to evaluate anything Chance to hit ; a work in progress,” Cashman said. “Obviously he didn’t play well offensively last year, but before that, he he’s been an above-average offensive player. This year, obviously out of the gate, I think, looked good. Then he got injured, and then his injury Aggravated, so he # very It has been closed for a long time. I Want to give him some runway here where he gets solid hits and starts rolling and is in a better position to judge.”

DJ’s Melody

LeMahieu was out on Tuesday, and head coach Aaron Boone is considering him on Wednesday. shortstop. He is hitting the ball. 35 (6-for-35) This month.

“Perhaps some due to previous [foot] injury Compensation,” Cashman said. “That’s what we’re trying to unpack right now to see if he’s changed the way he loads. That might be the secret. Everyone’s trying to guess right now.”

waiting for the game

Medical experts suggest that Judge may not return before the All-Star break. Cashman said he believes the Yankees can afford an absence that long if they have to.

“We have a lot of professional hitters, a lot of real Good hitters are capable of a lot of great things,” Cashman said. “We’re not going to do any deals to replace Judge, so in the end, we’re just going to have to wait for him to come back. In the meantime, we’ve got a lot of guys who can do great things for us. We just need that. We’re missing it now, but It will come. I truly believe in it.”




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