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No Phone (1) Long Term Review


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Nothing Phone (1) long-term review The Nothing Phone (1) was definitely one of last year’s hype, but was the hype worth it, or is it just a Nothingburger in the end? Does it have something, or just nothing to write home about? We’ll stop now, but the puns really do write themselves. That’s probably part of the reason Nothing chose to call itself that.

This is not true

, everyone cried. However, it’s instantly memorable, and if you’re a startup, you definitely want to be memorable any day of the week, not “this makes sense.” 1200 This is how we end up with a company that is definitely doing something, even though it calls itself Nothing. Its first smartphone was always inevitable and fascinating in its own right. It’s mid-range like many others, but it’s also mid-range Nothing Phone (1) long-term reviewunlike1200 any other product on the market that is still very much about design–whether it was the inspiration for the iPhone, or the The unique rear look that comes with the table, and the associated Glyph LEDs. It’s not just the back, though — it’s the only Android mid-range phone that still has truly symmetrical screen bezels. 515 2023

Well, what we have here is a device that’s being hyped up to the moon and back, its specs are nothing out of the ordinary (sorry, no way) and its design is simultaneously inspired by something and something unique, which seems like the biggest contradiction but But in fact, it’s not. With all of this in mind, it’s been a long time since we’ve wondered about the cliché-sounding “what life is really like.” Nothing Phone (1) long-term review If you’re also curious to know how much of the hype is based on fluff and how much is actually based on the real quality this phone has; if you want to know all about early access 505, we have some upcoming pages for your consideration. Without spoiling anything, we’ll say one thing: it’s definitely not a boring experience, because the Nothing Phone (1) isn’t some kind of inconspicuous device that slides into the background and sits there unnoticed. equipment. 1200



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