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Noah Baker on Why He's Launching a Genderless Lingerie Brand

Noah Beck is no stranger to wearing as little clothing as possible for his 38 million followers on his TikTok page. His many shirtless videos certainly helped propel his status as an internet heartthrob. However, his clever thirst-quenching content has inspired his brand new fashion project – a gender-neutral lingerie line. “It’s no secret that my underwear belt top is in a lot of my content,” Beck told Vogue. ‘I’m no longer a walking Calvin Klein billboard, but I’m wearing my own? ‘”

On Tuesday, June 6, Beck will launch a new brand called Iphis, which includes three underwear styles: briefs, boxer briefs and thongs. According to the According to the brand, all three styles are designed “for everyone”—with different colorways and three different belts: Icon, Heritage, and Classic. (They all have different logo jobs.) Prices start from $ to $23, size range from 23 Waist to 38 Waist. Beck partners with New York-based company Real Underwear for all styles.

Photo: Courtesy of Iphis




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