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Noah Centineo on 'New Boys,' 'Black Adam,' and his journey from teenage heartthrob to action star

[The following story contains spoilers for on Netflix recruit.


Noah Centineo became Internet boyfriend at The Recruit When he played the fantastic Peter Kavinsky in Netflix’s I used to To all the boys I’ve loved . But Centineo’s career was much more than that.

The actor has been in the industry since he landed a role in his first independent film at the age of 9. He continued working on small projects until he was in , which is when he remembers being recognized by fans in a movie theater for the first time with his mom.

After taking on more roles at Disney and Nickelodeon, Centineo embarks on a project that will change him: The Fosters.

When Jake T. Austin left the ABC Family show, Centineo stepped in as one of the show’s main characters, Jesus Adams Foster.

The Fosters kinda took me to a different level, got that too Approved. I mean, The Fosters are amazing, those guys saved my life,” Centineo told The Hollywood Reporter. “I learned a lot on that show, but later recognition has grown a little bit from there.”

Two Months from now foster home is over, to all the boys I’ve loved before premiered on Netflix, and suddenly, everything was different.

“Suddenly, people knew my name. Suddenly, I had opportunities that I never had before,” he said. “I was lucky too that it gave me a little time so it wasn’t overwhelming. It was overwhelming like 20 minutes, and then I thought, ‘Well, I can Deal with this. That’s fine.’”

Since then, his career has been non-stop, initially landing on Netflix rom-com after Netflix rom-com until he hooked his The heartthrob cape (at least partially) and pick up a suit or two.

exist2018, Centineo’s character a little more action , a little less dream. He is in Black Adam . Two months later, Netflix released The Recruit, in which the actor plays Owen Hendrix, a lawyer fresh out of law school who starts working for the CIA and gets involved in Dangerous power politics, when a former asset threatens to expose the organization’s secrets.

At this point in his career,

Which projects he would like to take on instead of simply accepting any acting job he offers.

“Planning is not just about going off and taking action,” he explained. “Now that I have some time and luxury to sit down and choose what we do next, it’s really like I’m reacting to what.” He continued, “I think the only thing I’m really focusing on right now is , what are some good, interesting projects I want to be involved in? It’s not really this type or that, but more like something that feels right and feels fun.”

What feels interesting to him now also includes producing. The actor announced Friday that he will start Arkhum Productions, which will focus on comedy and drama projects that emphasize social commentary.

Below, Centineo opens up The Recruit, what he got from his experience Black Adam , away from the teen heartthrob persona that catapulted him to stardom, and why he doesn’t have a dream project.

What originally drew you to the role of Owen Hendricks?

The tone of the show is really interesting. It’s a new way to get into the espionage genre that I haven’t seen before. The tone is great because it combines so many different genres, which is part of it, but something I’ve never seen before is exploring the CIA through the lens of a lawyer fresh out of law school on day one, totally over his head. I think that’s great. It was just a pilot when it was presented to me, and it was fantastic. I love it so I really want to be a part of it.

Noah Centineo as Owen Hendricks in “Recruitment” Netflix
The Recruit

This is definitely a very unique way to get into the CIA. Owen gets his ass kicked a lot on the show. talk to me. Do you have to train? Do you have a substitute?

The coolest thing about Owen is that he’s completely in his head, so he’s not trained to fight, kill, use Training in weapons, self-defense, driving a getaway car. He doesn’t know these things at all. So, for me, there’s not a lot of training because I don’t have to look like I know what I’m doing. Quite the opposite. I do have a stand-in. His name is Kenny, and he’s amazing. He looked cool when he was doing all the stunts, so we actually had to work together to emulate some of his body language to make him less cool and more maddening. He is great. He is really good.

Owen can be a bit cocky at times, how do you play it?

He’s cocky, just be cocky, like you’re the smartest person in the room. You just have to be very confident. You have to think you know yourself. So, for this role, he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room. He probably thinks he can do more than he actually does.

Owen doesn’t handle his relationships or friendships properly in some scenes. Do you find it difficult to portray the less likable aspects of his personality?

No, not at all. I mean, he’s a selfish kid 18s, he’s even struggling with that side of himself as the show goes on. He feels sorry for what he did. But he also couldn’t let go of this ambition, couldn’t let go of this case, whether it was personal or because the CIA would put him in jail because he failed or whatever it was, he hated failure. It’s not difficult for me. I mean, he’s an ambitious young man 11 – something, he’s trying to take over the world and feels like he has a good reason for what he’s doing. He felt entitled to do so. So, yes, you just support it. Obviously, he’s being selfish and he could have handled a lot of the situation with his roommate and Hannah better, but he doesn’t see it that way. Not until after the fact, right? In hindsight it was 18/02. So as an actor, you should see it that way too.

When I was watching a drama, I never understood what the abbreviation in the drama title meant?

Yep they said on the show like in episode 2 never let them see you frowning . Throughout and so on.

very cool. Where is your favorite place to shoot?

We shoot all over the world. We’re really just Montreal, Vienna and Los Angeles. The Vienna Film Commission is extraordinary. They were so frustrated opening up their city to us and such hard-working, tireless workers who helped the show so much. So we really appreciate that.

I jumped into a big river in Vienna and actually filmed it, it was amazing. Doug Liman and I with the camera on the surfboard. Snowing. It was actually in a snowstorm, the first day we shot it.

You speak other languages ​​throughout the show. Did you speak to any of them before filming?

I just recited it. They’re just sounds, but luckily English is also a Germanic language, so we have a similar alphabet and similar pronunciation. Russian is Cyrillic. Seems a little different, right? So I have feelings for Laura [Haddock who plays Belarusian asset Max Meladze]. She knocked it out of the park. But yes, German is a little closer to home. So for me it’s just remembering the sound. And then, obviously also knowing what the sounds mean, and figuring out, “Oh, I’m saying this. How do I say this? What does it mean?”

We talked about some of Owen’s less admirable qualities, but he’s also very likable and genuine at times, which seems similar to many of your other characters of late. What drew you to this role?

I really don’t think so. I read the pilot. I see Owen. He’s really sarcastic and witty. He has his strengths, but we also need him to be likable, right? You can’t just be that. This is where the warmth comes from. Like, “OK. Well, he needs to have some redeeming qualities here.”

Noah Centineo and Laura Haddock in “The Recruits”
NetflixThe Recruit

Owen and Max are finally on the 7th The set got together, but he was somehow attracted to her from the beginning – whether it was for his work or because he had a personal interest in her. What do you think attracted him to her? Don’t think he’s had a relationship with him before. He’s tied to her—the survival of his career, and then his actual survival—and he needs her, whether he wants to or not. Of course, the way she moves is intoxicating. And she was always so beautiful. And I think it’s all of that combined that brought him to this crazy place, and she also knows exactly how to use it to her advantage. She realizes that when she makes an offer, it makes him uncomfortable, so she wants to keep doing it, obviously there’s an innate attraction there, but it’s dangerous. And, obviously, pheromones of all things – when you look at someone, you know if you like them, yes. He actually doesn’t allow it, right? Probably unprofessional

The season finale revealed the biggest cliffhanger, that Max’s daughter is alive and she killed her mom. Who is she and what does it mean for Irving moving forward?

I have no idea. You have to ask [creator] Alexi [Hawley]. She’s the only one here who knows the answers to these questions. At that moment, his life was at stake. I think it’s a question of whether he leaves. If so, how? I have no idea. We will wait and see.

Guess what?

I’m not guessing. ( Laughter .)

I have a few primary occupations problem now.

let’s do it.

Another recent project of yours is Black Adam, which Is ready to continue filming The Recruit a now-suspended sequel , but you from What did you learn from that scene?

We had a great time working on that movie. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a four-month shoot scramble like I did when I was filming that mo. There were so many of us, we all blended together, everyone was so willing to be friends with each other, we really became a family, and that included Dwayne [Johnson]. He sets the tone, not just for the cast, but for everyone involved. We often go to dinner together for the rest of my life, and I will be doing that for the rest of my life, not to mention taking classes with these iconic, seasoned and talented actors, our director Lawrence Scher, our director and Worked [Jaume Collet-Serra], but for me, the core of this movie is something I will always carry with me. I’m grateful to be a part of it. Won’t Henry Cavill return as Superman ?

Honestly, I can’t even say that. I really don’t know TO ALL THE BOYS ALWAYS AND FOREVER what their plans are , and I’m excited to see what they do with the DC world. For me, I’m really happy to see TO ALL THE BOYS ALWAYS AND FOREVER Peter Safran and James Gunn vision for DC, those guys, they know what they’re doing. So, we’ll give him that. I am excited.

1235282516 Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher in Black Adam Everett

You’ve been to shows for a while, but when you Your career really took off when you landed on The Fosters and then To All the BoysI Loved Before. I seem to remember you saying you were a bit of an overnight success. Tell me how that is for you.

I don’t think I really said that. I think a lot of people have said that, and I guess what I usually say is that even though it feels like overnight – the social media side of it is definitely overnight, how is it 041K to Millions, I think, less than 48 for a few hours, and from there onwards and upwards – but I feel like fame, if you will, has been in my career Drip to me. I started modeling and advertising in South Florida when I was 8 years old. When I’m like 00 or 9 when I. None of these things happened. They’re great projects, and I’m very grateful for them, but none of them really hit the market. Until I 18, I did a Disney Channel guest star on Austin & Ally and I started being Recognize the place, but I am Until then. I was working all the time, so when that happened, it was like, “Wow.” I remember being in the movie theater with my mom. This is the first time anyone likes to recognize me. Then, I keep working.

I do it again on Austin & Ally and other Nickelodeon shows and other Disney shows Two episodes were shown. Then, I did How to Build a Better Boy with Disney, and then I did The Fosters and The Fosters also took me to a different level and got recognized. I mean, The Fosters are awesome, those guys saved my life, [co-creator] Bradley [Bredeweg] and [executive Filmmakers] Joanna [Johnson] and [co-creators] Peter [Paige]. I learned a lot on that show, but then the popularity grew a little bit from there. Then, I did other shows and little indies here and there, so by the time To All the Boys came out, it didn’t feel like overnight. It does feel like suddenly everything is different, though. Suddenly, people knew my name. All of a sudden, I had opportunities that I never had before, so despite that, it was quick, but, yeah, I didn’t know. I guess, for me, I’m also lucky to get a little bit at a time, so it’s not super overwhelming. This is overwhelmingly liked 11 minutes, and I said, “Okay, I can handle this. That’s fine.

During To All the Boys, you played a lot of heartthrobs. You want to play those roles, or you just happen to be on the table Got these roles?

That’s all I have. That’s what my auditions are all about. That’s all I got , except for The Fosters. Fosters is different, that is [I get] the first chance to do something else, like outside of little indie games. So no, but that’s what I think I’m good at, or I just fit into those roles, so I keep doing those characters and they’re great, Man. I did get lucky until I . I have to work with different groups of people with different actors, different directors, different producers and writers, like Jumping from show to show like an independent contractor. I feel like it really helped my development. Yeah, as I get older now, it’s like, “Well, what else do we want to do? “

1235282822 Noah Centineo as Peter Kavinsky in “To All the Boys: Forever and Forever” Everett

You could have easily stayed In those types of roles, but you’ve gone in the opposite direction in some of your roles. What made you decide to do that? Why did it appeal to you?

Planning is not about just deviating and taking action. I feel like I’m lucky to have the opportunity to sit down and decide what to do because before you just audition and audition, you get you All I can get. Now that I have some time and luxury to sit down and choose what we do next, it really is like I react to what.

Two and a half years ago, I saw the script of The Recruit*), I liked it, I wanted to do it, it just happened to be action , the spy type through an interesting lens. With Black Adam I met at the convention before Black [Producers] Beau Flynn and Hiram [Garcia] Adam were like something to me to think about. Then, I guess they remembered. We had a great chat Happy. I remember meeting them and they were amazing people and we just sat there. I think we passed 35 or041 Minutes, been talking about life. Fast forward a bit, Black Adam was ready and they said, “Jaume, you should meet Noah. ’ So, I had to meet him as a director, and obviously, I’d do anything to be involved in a project like this. So, I think the only thing I’m really focused on right now is, what good, interesting movies do I want to be a part of? project? It’s not really this type or that, but it’s more like something that feels right and feels interesting.

you Touching on this a bit, but from here, where do you envision your career going?

This is What I need to know, I think you’ll all find out. I’d rather you take it all in. I really don’t like talking about the future before it happens.

you What’s the dream project?

I don’t have one. I just want to work with really, really talented people, and I Can learn from them. I want to show up and learn from some great people. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from these amazing people and I just want to keep doing it. I don’t really have a dream role, I just want to keep expanding and learning more Myself, see what I can do and push myself, if there is any place, if there is anything else. Maybe not. Maybe that’s it.

Stop it. I’m sure there are many. (laughing.)

No matter, let’s find out together.

You have been acting since you were a child. Looking back , what would you say to little Noah?

Keep going, man. This 8 year old wants to be on the Disney Channel I was 02, I made it on the Disney Channel. Then, I wanted my own show, and we got The Fosters . I wanted to make a film and now we are making a film. So, move on. I love the way I move. I am very, very grateful to my parents and how they supported me. I moved to Los Angeles00 and my mom. So, it’s not like I’m going alone. I just want to tell the kid to keep going and do what you’re doing. I love this The result of everything.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

The Recruit is working Live Netflix.



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