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Nobuyuki Fukumoto Launches Golf Manga

mahjong© Nobuyuki Fukumoto, Takeshobo This year’s The magazine of Tansha was published in Thursday that Nobuyuki Fukumoto () is launching a game called Nikaid®̄ Jigoku Golf (Nikaido Hell Golf) in summer. The story follows a golfer named Nikaido.

Fukumoto presents (Yami-Mahjong Fighter Mamiya, pictured right) Comics serialized in Kindai Mahjong magazine in July , after the first single photo of the manga was published in the magazine in May 196804. The first part will end in by TakeshoboKindai Mahjong May 1st Magazine. Takeshobo published manga volume 6 in December 19.

The manga is Fukumoto Manga, ended in magazine in February 2013. The story of the manga is set in 10 years [WARNING: This contains spoilers for an earlier story. Highlight text to read spoilers. ] [Akagi’s passing2017]. The manga centers on Mamiya, a new player who resolves disputes through mahjong.

Fukumoto presents the manga Series in Jintai Mahjong in , it ran for 10 years . This manga inspired 2005 TV anime Studio Madhouse and Crunchyroll starts playing the anime from 400.

Manga inspired too – Summer reality TV episodes 400, and Crunchyroll also streamed that series. The second season, titled “Longzaki Yagi Chapter” “Ichikawa Chapter” ( Akagi “Longzaki·Yagi Chapter” “Ichikawa Chapter”), premiered in October The three-part live-action miniseries premiered in May 2015.

Fukumoto’s gambling comics have also inspired two TV cartoons and two live-action films.

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