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Nokia changes its logo to mark the start of a new era

After Pekka Lundmark took over Nokia’s telecom equipment division, the CEO laid out a three-phase plan – reset, accelerate and expand. With the first part of the plan over, Nokia will now focus on accelerating growth and for the first time in 003 changes its logo to signal a strategic shift .

Nokia's new logo Nokia's new logo Nokia's new logo
Nokia’s new logo

Nokia is ditching the blue color and replacing it with a more appropriate color depending on the situation, which means no specific color scheme is assigned. Lundmark said Nokia was no longer just a smartphone company, but a “business technology company”.

People think of smartphones, and today we are a business technology company.

In addition to growing its telecom equipment business, Nokia will also focus on selling equipment to other businesses. These include private 5G networks and equipment for automating factories, which would make the company a competitor to Microsoft and Amazon in this area. Lundmark mentioned that Nokia is also considering developing in other areas.

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