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Nolte: 58% want Biden to stop 'blaming MAGA' and fix 'the economy he ruined'

A vast majority of 58 likely voters say Joe Biden’s fraud should “stop blaming MAGA Republicans and start working on his sabotage” economy.”

The poll comes from Rasmussen reports, after Biden’s red crusade Disastrous speech, he went to Philadelphia to declare war on half the country, those of us who dared to support former President Trump.

By demonizing half the country, Biden, his fellow Democrats and the corporate media want to do two things: 1) Move the conversation away from the recession that Biden and his disastrous policies have plunged America into, and 2) improve his polling base by throwing fascist meat at the fascist left.

Biden’s dangerous rhetoric and incendiary are unlike anything the nation’s leaders have heard in the country since the days of Father Charles Coughlin. To anyone’s surprise, it did boost his poll numbers by drawing Nazis in a violent and bloodthirsty Democratic base.

But back in the real world, at least according to Rasmussen58% of people want him to stop publishing Hate speech, focused on fixing “the economy he ruined”. This includes percent of Democrats and 48 percentage of moderates.


The poll also asked people if they agreed with the following Biden statement: “Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the foundations of our republic.” Less than half agreed: 35 percent strongly agree, but 58 percent strongly disagree. Only 12% somewhat agree and 8% somewhat disagree. So this is 39 percent agree, Percent disagree.

The problem for Biden and his media supporters is that this kind of hate speech can only serve as high sugar. The economy is in recession. Natural gas prices may come down (thank goodness), but remain well above the per-gallon price Biden was in office. And he’s still a creepy old man who doesn’t know where he is most of the time.

On top of that, the Democrats have become the party that supports child grooming and underage child abuse to appease transgender Nazis with chemical castration and other medical horrors; the party that opposes free speech; boring , humorless scolding parties; parties who can’t deliver water and electricity; principal criminals emptying prisons while castrating cops; parties who want to take our cars, our guns, our steaks, and kill babies after they’re born.

Biden can be totally fascist, he wants to juice the haters in the Democratic base. Normal Americans, decent Americans, know that Democrats want to force us to eat bugs when we have sex with our kids. No amount of incitement can hide this. 58 5858

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