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Norihiro Yagi's “Ariadne of the Blue Sky” manga volume 22 ends

ariadne© Norihiro Yagi, ShogakukanariadneShogakukan‘s Web Sunday site lists 16 Volume 2 of Norihiro Yagi ‘ s Sōkyū no Ariadne ( Ariadne of the Azure ) manga as final volume. The volume will ship in March 15.

Yagi in

of Shogakukan Published Comics December Magazine2007. Shogakukan will publish the manga’s February Volume 1 .

The manga tells the story of Rasil, a boy living in a remote area who dreams of a “flying city in the sky”. One day, he meets Liana, a girl who is being chased by mechanical soldiers. Leana says she is a princess of an empire called Ariadne, a flying city. Their adventure of chasing their dreams begins.

Yagi debuts in manga Ends at 2001 at 194409. Viz Media posted – Volume series for North America. This manga inspired TV anime adaptations by 2014 and Funimation posted an animation on Home Video.

Yagi’s comics Ran from to 2001 and jump comics Published Compilation of books. The series inspired original video animation in 1996.

Yagi at Shueisha at March Magazine2007.

Source: Web Sunday

2017 194409



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