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Northern Michigan ready for summer spotlight

As I watch my east coast neighbors pack up their bags for Newport, Cape Cod, Amagansett, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard each summer, I It’s hard not to feel smug, where they’ll be battling traffic and crowds for a meager slice of sand and an overpriced lobster roll. Maybe they’re unaware of the alternative, the “Third Coast,” with its glistening freshwater lakes, cozy small towns, rolling cherry orchards and expanses of golden sand.

DH Day Barn, built in late period

s, part of a 48 acre farm within Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Photo: Christine Chitnis

longer than any of the lower 48 states, Michigan is often at the top when it comes to popular summer destinations Flying under the radar; though Midwesterners, including my family, have known for a long time. During my early childhood, we vacillated between rented cabins before settling down on the shores of Torch Lake—a deep, clear, turquoise body of water regularly voted one of the most beautiful lakes in the world— — we still spend our summers there to this day.

It’s easy to feel reluctance in sharing Northern Michigan’s secrets with the wider world, despite the many well-known restaurant openings, new Between hospitality ideas and a wine scene that’s captivating the country, now’s the perfect time to visit.


The region’s wealthy agricultural history has shaped its innovative culinary scene . In Traverse City, Northern Michigan’s largest town, farm-to-table meet food at a variety of esteemed venues: The Cooks’ House, a small restaurant owned by a chef; The Farm Club, a farm, market, restaurant and winery; the iconic waterside boathouse; and the newly opened Modern Bird, where side dishes based on seasonal vegetables go well with hearty dishes like venison with cherry sausage. Palestinian bakery HexenBelle also serves delicious brunch dishes such as shakshuka and fried rice with coconut curry.




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