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Not just married couples, but not lovers – episode 6

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Well, things are finally starting to get hot, aren’t they? Or rather, the characters begin to take action that essentially forces everyone to face their future feelings and work toward it. At first, I thought the setting of this episode was a bit weak as it seemed to be delaying Jiro’s conflict since Akari just wanted him to call her by her first name. It’s a bit passive-aggressive, but we already know that these characters won’t be completely honest with themselves, and the feeling that Jiro now knows he’s no longer being called by Akari’s first name is notable. He didn’t feel right, and he seemed genuinely happy when she recovered. I’m glad this has been resolved, while also planting the seeds for Jiro’s emotional conflict. After all, as he said in this episode, their married life is only temporary, and who knows if he’ll be able to call her by her first name in the future.

Of course I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the second big kiss The season between Jiro and Shiori. I have to give credit for that, because I really think they’ll pull out completely at the last minute. Glad that Shiori got kicked in the pants soon, she kinda needs to continue her feelings for Jiro because everyone is so passive and there’s nothing to fix on their own (I mean at least it’s not that bad Uzaki-chan We had to spend a season and a half to get to this point). Even if the kiss was an accident, it’s still something neither of them can take back, and they’ll have to work it out at some point in the future. I love the fact that Jiro is finally starting to question whether Shirori’s edgy means she really likes him.

The last point, because she misunderstood Shirori and Shirori How far, Akari is frustrated. It feels very sincere to go with Jiro. She tries to distract herself by going out with her friends all night, but when she can’t be with them anymore, she’s left with her own thoughts. I like that Akari starts to be more aggressive about the level of physical intimacy she wants with Jiro, and it’s not a tease per se. The fact that these misunderstandings and situations are slowly moving these relationships forward is enough for me to forgive how cliché and convenient they all feel. There’s nothing wrong with a show full of cliches, but those cliches still need to serve a purpose. Even if Akari knew that Jiro wasn’t having sex, I wonder how she would feel about the kiss. Technically, these two girls are physically on the same level as Jiro if we don’t count all the hugs and sleeping on the same sofa bed. Akari already sees Shirori as a huge insecurity trigger, so I’m expecting something to come soon. What happens when that shoe finally falls off? Score:



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