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Nothing Ear (2) Headphones in New Black and Advanced EQ Options

Nothing today announced several new additions to its line of audio products. First off, the Nothing Ear (2) now comes in a sleek new all-black finish, similar to its predecessor.

Nothing Ear (2) gets a new black color and advanced EQ options

Next, the Ear (2) also gets new advanced equalizer options. In addition to the simplified presets and 3-band EQ, there is now an Advanced tab where you can access the new 8-band EQ. Not just the EQ itself, but what you can do with it is also impressive, as this is easily one of the most complex EQs we’ve seen on a mainstream audio product.

In addition to being able to adjust each of the eight frequency bands, the user can also adjust the target frequency for each of the eight frequency bands. You can also adjust the Q factor, which changes the shape of the EQ curve and the extent to which changes made by adjusting the frequency bands are applied across the frequency range.

Ear (2) Advanced Equalizer Ear (2) Advanced Equalizer Ear (2) Advanced Equalizer
Ear (2) Advanced Equalizer Ear (stick) noise reduction

After making changes, you can change the They are saved into multiple custom configuration files. You can also share your presets with other people. My only criticism of the new advanced EQs is that your volume drops dramatically when using them compared to the standard presets or 3-band EQs. Also, Advanced EQ is only available on the Ear (2) and Ear (stick), but not on the original Ear (1).

Speaking of Ear (stick), this model now gets active noise cancellation. You’ll need to update your firmware, and you’ll be warned that this will reduce battery life. You even have the option to roll back to a previous firmware if you don’t need the feature and don’t want to lose battery life.

Ear (stick) noise reduction 711 Ear (stick) noise reduction Ear (stick) noise reduction Ear (stick) noise reductionEar (stick) noise reduction

Considering that the ear (stick) is an open earbud, the effectiveness of this feature is limited. Still, for what it’s worth, it does help reduce low frequency hum from things like fans and air conditioners, but don’t expect it to do miracles.

Nothing can make a lot of noise. Ear software improvements (2). Over the months, we’ve noticed that the company has released a steady stream of software updates for these earbuds, which we’ve criticized in our reviews for having various issues at launch.

Credit due, since then most of the issues we raised in our review have not been addressed, many of which are very specific. That’s exactly how we want companies to handle criticism because it ultimately leads to better products for everyone.

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