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Novelist Hannah Rothschild on Family Secrets and Graceful Escapism

at high time

, you cover reality TV, cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity. What draws your attention to these themes? How do you feel about them today?

Love them or hate them, these questions have changed, and will continue to change, our lives. Reality TV stars wield enormous influence; cryptocurrencies are here to stay in some form; and we should all be on high alert for cybercrime.

The perfectly named, obnoxious character Thomlinson Sleet dominates these books, if not Complete destruction will also affect cybercrime. The lives of the Trelawney family are presented in many ways. He’s malicious, rude, thin-skinned, and worth billions. What was the inspiration behind such a villain? Who would you like to play him in the movie?

Thomlinson Sleet is a work based on a fantasy villain a mix of real and fictional characters. I love Michael Douglas in The Wolf of Wall Street

and Leonardo Dee in The Wolf of Wall Street Leonardo DiCaprio, both acted seemingly evil. Do you think we could cross Ryan Gosling and Benicio Del Toro and add Billy Crudup? I think so!

You have written extensively about Artemisia Gentileschi in )Time is up

. Is she a favorite artist? Who else?

When I took over as chairman of the National Gallery in London, I found that less than two per cent,

The paintings in the collection are all created by women. One of my proudest moments was launching a successful campaign to buy Artemisia Gentileschi’s masterpiece, which now hangs on the gallery wall. My personal taste in art is quite broad – lately I’ve been admiring contemporary artists including Christina Kimeze, Louise Giovanelli and Kaye Donachie.

Who is your favorite person to write dialogue for?

I love writing for Duchess Clarissa, aged six, and her brother-in-law Tony, a gorgeous interior designer. They don’t wake up at all, and the first thing that comes out of their mouths, usually something rather rude, comes to mind.

When you write a novel, do you write it every day?

I regard writing as a kind of love. I sneak from my day job to coffee shops, the library, and the occasional hotel. Many writers have strict schedules, but I like to keep illicit, romantic relationships with my work.




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