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Now You Can Get a Really Rounded Oura Smart Ring

If you were intrigued by the previous Oura smart ring but were turned off due to the design not allowing you to swivel it around your desk, you’re in luck. Oura is releasing a rounder version of its line of health and fitness tracking smart rings called Horizon, though it will cost $50 more than a version that doesn’t fit that preference. (viaGizmodo).

Oura Horizon is basically the same as last year’s Oura Ring (Gen 3) in terms of features, including the blood oxygen monitoring capability that was just activated this year. This means that Horizon is just a cosmetic change that accompanies the old “legacy” design, it comes in the same original gold, stealth, black and silver finishes, plus a new rose gold, you can match your old iPhone 6s or 12″ perfectly MacBook.

Has a dimple to help you align the ring on your finger for better readings.

Picture: Oura

Silver is a more versatile ring color.

Picture: Oura

While nothing else is new in Horizon’s hardware, the company’s commitment to expanding the capabilities and integrations of its smart rings is evident this year. For example, with the integration of Apple HealthKit, it gains a connection to Strava and can support Natural Cycles’ digital birth control. Additionally, Oura is about to add the sleep staging feature it talked about last year, bringing the ring’s sleep-tracking capabilities to a lab level. We’ve tested and rated the Oura Gen 3 as one of the best sleep trackers you can buy right now, though the $6 monthly subscription fee is a bit annoying.

Whether a rounder Horizon ring from $299 to $349 is worth it depends on your style preference. You still get really good sleep tracking with Horizon, and for some people, sleeping with the ring is not as annoying as the Apple Watch—both in terms of comfort and coping with constant charging (Oura can take up to Use for a week) ). And it’s certainly more affordable than this year’s $950 Gucci version of the Oura ring, which also has a rounded design.



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