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NPR to stop Twitter, says account's new label is misleading

(Reuters) – National Public Radio (NPR) will no longer post content on its 52 official Twitter feed in protest of social media platform’s hashtag editorial content implying government involvement in U.S. organizations .

NPR said on Wednesday that Twitter rejected its repeated request to remove the inaccurate label of “state-affiliated media” and now changed it to “government-sponsored media,” which does not accurately reflect its public media governance structure.

The BBC also objected to the latest label, saying it was misleading.

“If we keep tweeting, every post will be tagged with misleading labels,” says NPR. On Wednesday, the company tried to be “accurate” and considered changing the label.

“Our goal is just to be as truthful and accurate as possible. We’re adjusting the label to ‘publicly funded,’ which I think might be less offensive,” Musk said.

NPR said it would remain on other social media platforms and was reviewing whether it should expand to include emerging third-party platforms.

Twitter did not immediately respond to a Reuters request for comment.

Musk also said in the interview that Twitter is “roughly breaking even” because many advertisers who paused spending on the Weibo platform since Twitter took over last year are back.



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