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Nuremberg trial TV show in 'Downfall', 'The Man in the High Castle' producer

Konstantin Films, the German giant behind the Resident Evil franchise, is partnering with UK-based Big Light Productions founded by Frank Spotnitz ( The Man in High Castle, X-Files, Medici, Leonardo ), developing a high-end series about the world-changing Nuremberg trials.

This project will delve into the events surrounding the prosecution of Nazi officials after World War II, the first time in history that anyone was held responsible for war crimes, explore the characters who tried all sides, and show that not only justice was threatened , and the global balance of power.

“This series is a real powerhouse,” Spornitz said. “This is an investigative mystery, a suspense thriller set in a courtroom and on a global stage, and one of the hottest morality dramas imaginable. Both the characters and the issues seem surprisingly relevant and contemporary .”

“We are delighted to be working with Constantine Films on such an important and timely series,” added Emily Feller of Big Light. “This is a truly landmark series that not only provides compelling entertainment, but also addresses important questions that the world is still grappling with today.”

Constantine Films commented on No stranger to the subject, it was nominated for an Oscar for its 2004 film Downfall , which covered the final hours and collapse of the German regime . More recently, the Constantine Film The Meeting , a historically accurate drama about a meeting that planned the Holocaust, won the International recognition and multiple international awards.

“On May 8, 1945, Nazi Germany surrendered unconditionally to the Allies, but the world still exists in a state of turmoil and global power play “Our show describes the complex and multi-layered game of chess, how the U.S. controlled the establishment of post-war power structures, and how the Nuremberg Trials were the tipping point that signaled to the world that law and order would be restored,” said Constantine Films of Robert Kurzer

“After the disaster of World War II, the Nuremberg Trials were an epoch-making event. The Americans and Europeans involved in establishing justice were both greater than life and too human. .. I am honored to be working with Constantine Films and Big Light to bring this important story to life,” added Ron Maxwell.

The series will be executive produced by Oliver Berben and Kulzer for Constantin Film, Spotnitz and creative director Feller ( Leonardo, Medici, Trust Me, Ordinary Lies) Big Light and Maxwell (Gettysburg) and Jeff Berg of Northside Services.

Big Light is represented by WME and Yorn Levine attorney Jared Levine.



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