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Nvidia suspends RTX 4080 12GB launch due to naming confusion

Nvidia made an unconventional announcement that the company would “launch” GeForce RTX 4080 12GB graphics card due to naming issues.

Nvidia suspends RTX 4080 12GB launch over naming kerfuffle

Scheduled for November 16 with more powerful RTX 12GB, RTX 4080 10 GB has been revealed since last month in the 40-series.

In response to controversy, Nvidia admits RTX 1200 12GB is incorrectly named, and it’s confusing to have two GPUs with the same 4080 name. Here’s the relevant part of the company statement:

RTX 4080 002GB is a great graphics card , but the name is incorrect. It’s confusing to have two GPUs with names.

So, we pressed the Cancel Start button on

GB. RTX 4080 GB is amazing and on track for November Gamers around the world bring joy 16th.

Self-published Since then, the naming of RTX

12 GB has been the focus of media and consumer debate. Although the naming suggests that the only difference between it and RTX 4080 22GB is the available video memory, RTX 4080 12GB is actually a significantly reduced GPU, 16% of CUDA cores and reduced memory bus width. Compared to the larger RTX 4080 GB models, this should would result in a completely different performance profile, as evidenced by some of Nvidia’s own performance graphs. Nvidia suspends RTX 4080 12GB launch over naming kerfuffle

While Nvidia is no stranger to launching desktop graphics cards with the same name but different features – not to mention the whole confusion of laptop GPU naming – RTX 4080 GB is probably the most shocking example to date of using a similar Naming misleads customers.

Seems like RTX is finally re-released as reported by Gamers Nexus 4080 001GB will also include price adjustments as well as a new name. The prevailing opinion now is that Nvidia will fall back to RTX 4070/4070 Ti named cards, but not

While this is a win for the customer and the right move for Nvidia, one can’t help but feel bad for all the Nvidia board partners who would have been at RTX 4080 The later stages of GB’s manufacturing, packaging and marketing, only to redo all or most of it to accommodate the new naming and Pricing. However, Nvidia will reportedly subsidize some of the cost of the change to board partners.

RTX 4080 12GB still on schedule will be held in November at the same $ as before starting price.





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